The gift from Naples – Pizza, is definitely the best invention in the history of food. It is a very popular and highly preferred snack. Might sound a little astonishing, but studies have shown that more than 5 billion pizzas are sold worldwide each year. And above all, the estimated number of slices of pizza eaten in one second is 350! Yeah, that’s how much pizza is loved. Read about CAN PIZZA BE A WORK CONFERENCE SNACK?

Gatherings and functions are part and parcel of our lives. Be it personal or professional, parties, conferences, ceremonies etc., are quite frequent nowadays. And what is function without food? Let’s be honest, most of us are driven to attend them because of the delicious food. To deem it as one of the most important aspects of a gathering is quite righteous. 

Often, there’s a huge fuss when deciding the menu for such occasions. To include something tasty, convenient, and mostly liked by all, is quite essential. Now, pizza is one such marvelous snack, that can be the befitting option for all the gatherings including a work conference.


One of the key features about pizza is that its recipe changes with the preference. Maybe, it is one of the many reasons why it is liked by tons of people around the world. What could be better than alternating the ingredients of the food as per your interest and still enjoy it’s basic taste.?

Now, there’s a lot that can go into the making of the pizza. However, these four basic ingredients are the minimum requirement for it.

  1. Pizza base : What is pizza without the perfect bread? The crust, being a rich source of carbohydrates , plays a major role in satisfying hunger. 
  2. Tomatoes : The sauce is what gives the pizza its flavor. Tomatoes are the base ingredient of the pizza sauce. The deliciousness of pizza comes from the pizza sauce itself.
  3. Cheese : Cheese is the ‘most’ important part of the pizza. I pizza is not a pizza without it. This rich source of protein is what your tongue, your mind and your body desires.
  4. Salt and pepper: The pizza would taste nothing but bland if it wasn’t for salt and pepper. The sources are the essential sources of iodine and anti-inflammatory properties.


  1. Universal Choice: Pizza is one of the many snacks known to almost everyone. This delightful snack is a combination of rich ingredients that makes it quite irresistible. The simple taste of the snack can also be enjoyed by people who ain’t a big fan of the pizza. 
  2. Satisfies hunger: The main function of a food is to satisfy our hunger. Pizza is one such food that can definitely satisfy your appetite for a good period of time. The cheese and the bread, in particular, are a load for carbohydrates and fat.
  3. Lusciousness: There’s no doubt that pizzas are delicious. That is the very reason why it is so loved. The perfect combination of ingredients, their taste, their texture and oh dear god, the cheese – could it be any more tempting? Most people drool while just thinking about pizza. Here, we are actually talking about eating it!
  4. Nutritional value: Studies have shown that a slice of cheese pizza contains approximately 272 calories, 12.7 grams of protein, 1.8 grams of fiber, and 9.8 grams of fat. Fat gives us energy and the ability to function. Fiber improves our digestion. Protein ensures growth and development of the body.
  5. Affordability: In comparison to a majority of other foods, pizza is quite affordable and cost-efficient. It gives us the best taste, energy, and satisfaction at quite reasonable prices. Also, there’s minimal chances of it being wasted as the people always enjoy it at their discretion.
  6. Portability: The transportation of pizza from the source to the final destination is quite convenient. This is definitely not the same with a majority of other food items.
  7. Convenience: Pizza does not require sophisticated and appropriate culinary utensils. You can just pick up a slice, eat it as you roam around, talk to others. It is just so easy to enjoy this food item.


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Edmonton people, it’s you time to have the best!

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