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How Can Social Media Damage Your Brand Reputation Online?

Social media has become a partner for our day-to-day life. Read about how Can Social Media Damage Your Brand and much more in this article.


Social media has become a partner for our day-to-day life. People can forget to have a one-time meal at once, but they don’t forget to browse on their social networking channel. It is that favorite! Or you may call it an addiction.

Whatever it is, businesses have left no space to take the leverage of it. Its marketing advantages have compelled all marketers across the globe. Be it is a small venture or a large enterprise, people are using social media to enhance their business relationship with customers and attain new opportunities. No doubt, this social media marketing strategy is one of the essential factors responsible for web reputation management

Guys, you have seen the positive sides of social media. But we guess you are utterly unaware that social media can even damage your reputation if you don’t handle it properly. Instead of wondering whether it is true or not, keep reading our article and then conclude. 

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We guess, in the end, you will agree with what we say.

5 Ways social media can damage your brand reputation online

  1. Sharing irrelevant images: Visual content attains more engagement. Many viewers, more likes, more comments, and more shares are automatically generated when you share some engaging image content or video content. However, these images can haunt you if the content is inappropriate or irrelevant. 
  2.  Studies say negative base images or irrelevant images take less time to go viral. People share such images to ruin the image of the source. Hence, it is essential to check twice what you are posting. 
  3. Even if you are pretty sure about the content, you should predict the audience’s reaction before clicking the “post” button. Sharing irrelevant or inappropriate, or negative images can ruin your brand image to a great extent.
  4. Inappropriate words can backfire you: Just like irrelevant image content, inappropriate comments can even haunt you. Words are like swords. They can hurt you at any step if you are not correct. Hence, choosing the words properly is always better than looking for excuses to earth it.
  5. Every brand image or video on social media requires a special caption to grab the viewers’ attention. Usually, the caption is loaded with a powerful CTA, followed by a link to a landing page, and so on. Hence, an attractive caption rich with brand-specific words and keywords is essential. 
  6.  Take a look at the caption or textual content about to post on social media, make some changes if required, and finally post it to attain more engagement and brand visibility. 
  7. Display negative reviews and low ratings: Social media platforms like Facebook allow customers to share their experience as feedback and rate the brand for its products and services. Facebook calls this feature Facebook Recommendations. This helps a lot to decide on the brand. 
  8. Positive recommendations drive more new potential buyers. However, negative reviews and low ratings create a negative impact on business. It affects the business reputation and discourages the buyers from making their relevant purchases. 
  9. Hence, monitoring your brand recommendations or ratings on social media is quite imperative. You can even use online tools to alert for new reviews and ratings and brand mentions. 
  10. Ill-suited business profile: To run your business on social media, you must have a proper business page with a well-suited business profile. A business profile includes “about us,” contact details, and a short bio. 
  11. All the above-said information should be perfectly crafted, authentic, and up-to-date. Whenever a person visits your social page, he should gain helpful information about your brand, products, and services. From the day of foundation to the services you have recently added to the list, everything should be clubbed together on your page.
  12. A business profile lacking all the said information ruins the brand impression and compels potential buyers to think twice before making a purchase decision. 
  13. Inactiveness on social media: How frequently are you active on social media? Twice a week? Or occasionally? Being active on social media sometimes can bring down your gained reputation online. Agree or not, but this affects the brand reputation a lot. 
  14.  Your consistency in social media proves how frequently you want to get connected with your target audience. This helps to build a strong relationship with the customers and attaining a good position in the marketplace.  

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How to avoid this pitfall?

The only way to avoid the pitfall is to manage social media activities. You can pick a few tools that are designed for monitoring social media networks. With these tools’ help, you can finely get hands-on activities, spy on your competitor activities, and monitor your customer conversations that go around your brand. 

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Above all, you have to be consistent with your social media marketing. Experts working on internet reputation repair often pay attention to this. 

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