Can you do a Covid antigen test at Home?

Ever Since the break out of CoronaVirus, people have been homebound all around the world. There are a lot of antigen test kit suppliers working to provide the world with the kits for tests. In these crucial times when everything is at risk, it is advised by the doctors to stay at home. This is why people can use test kits at home to detect whether or not they are positive or not. Read about Covid antigen test at Home below.

The idea behind self-tests, which can produce a result with a quick turnaround time of 15 minutes, is that broad testing with a low threshold for eligibility will break chain infections. 

It still takes days for a person to be tested and contacted with their Corona result in most places around the world. People infected with the virus are more likely to come into contact with others during this time.

Home testing allows people to test themselves quickly and, more importantly, regularly, so they can detect infections when they are still in the early stages. 

Tests can be taken before a family visit, a trip to the cinema, or a hairdresser’s appointment, protecting other people should the individual test positive. Therefore, coronavirus antigen test kit manufacturers are making it easy for the common man to get tested. 

Although negative results don’t guarantee that a person is Covid-free, they do provide a snapshot of his or her Covid status. The results are valid for one day only, from the date of the test. A completely different result may be observed the following day. 

Testing occurred just before the infectious phase of the testee, so this may explain the finding. They are still below the detection threshold of the rapid test because their viral load is below that threshold. Therefore, self-testing cannot guarantee complete protection against Corona: regular handwashing, distancing from social contacts, and wearing a mask.

When to do the test?

Self-tests detect viral proteins, or antigens, even if no symptoms are present. The tests are sensitive enough to detect infectiousness at an early stage, which is already present to a relevant degree two to three days before the onset of symptoms. It is most pronounced on the first day of developing symptoms. 

Thus, the self-test could be used to identify asymptomatic individuals or those with minimal symptoms before the peak of their infectious phase. People who have a high viral load and are highly infectious can be identified more quickly by self-testing than those with a low viral load.

Rapid tests must meet sensitivity as well as specificity criteria to be reliable. Infectious persons are more likely to be identified as such by the former method. 

Virus concentrations are determined by test samples. Specificity concerns whether the test can successfully distinguish healthy from infected individuals.

Reliability of the test

Antigen tests performed with rapid antigens are considered less sensitive than standard lab tests using PCR. Two peer-reviewed studies published in the scientific journals Science and Jama claim that rapidity and regularity are more critical than the sensitivity of the test, according to, a volunteer initiative of scientists. 

PCR tests can detect infectious individuals more accurately than rapid tests precisely because they are less sensitive, that is, they detect only high virus concentrations.

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