Cane Webbing can transform boring old furniture

Cane Webbing

Learn how to use Rattan on furniture for a vintage, natural look.

Rattan, a natural material that is made from palm trees, is used to weave cane mesh furniture. Rattan’s best feature? You can transform your furniture with rattan without spending a lot of money.

How to choose the best rattan for your furniture

There are four main types of rattan mesh: radio weave, close weave, open box weave and radio weave. Each style is different in texture and appearance, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your project. Pre-woven rattan can be purchased by the roll at furniture suppliers. It comes in different widths for different applications.

Cane webbing is used in a variety of ways

You can use cane mesh to attach it to your furniture or stretch it across doors and drawer faces. It is more rigid than other upholstery and can be used to support a small table or chair. Rattan is not structural enough to be used in large applications, more than two feet across. This is because it is too flexible.

Make sure you have the right tools and know how to prepare your rattan.

If you don’t plan on gluing your mesh to a flat surface, warm water should be used to soak the mesh for at least 30 minutes. This will allow your cane mesh to stretch as it dries. You will also need some pencils, wood glue, scissors and a rubber mallet.

How to transform a tabletop with rattan

A table with a lip at the edge can be given a quick makeover by using dry cane mesh, glue and scissors. Without any additional pieces, the lip will finish off the edge of the rattan. To finish the open strands, glue a few strands of cane material around the edge of your table if it doesn’t have one. By the way, this idea was used by MyPaperWriter experts and now, they use a lunch table with rattan on the top at the office on a daily basis.

Lay your mesh on top of the table. Next, trace the inner edge with your pencil. Next, trace your line and cut along it. Then glue your rattan to the inside edge of your table’s lip with wood glue. You can also weigh it with water bottles, cans, and other household items that have some weight.

Be sure to remove any glue from your table before you place the weights. After the glue has dried, you can take out the weights and put your table back together.

How to transform boring slatted doors into cane-mesh ones

You can make closet doors look new again by replacing the slats in them with cane mesh. First, remove the old slats. Next, drill a few holes in each slat to break them in the middle. Then pull the slats from each channel. Similar results can be achieved by using a saw to cut the middle of each slat. However, I prefer breaking them with a hammer once in a while.

After removing the slats, you will have doors with open frames you can replace with Rattan. Measure your presoaked mesh to the width of your door opening and cut it out. Glue the edges of your opening. Next, staple the rattan approximately every 2 inches to the top of your frame. Keep the mesh in place as you go. Continue this process along the bottom edge and along the sides. You’ll now have a closet door made of cane mesh instead of a slatted door.

Explore more rattan options

The possibilities of webbing stretching are limitless once you have mastered it. The most difficult part of stretching webbing is to ensure it retains its shape. Also, make sure the weave is straight when you are done. Soak the webbing first to help it stretch. Dry cane will be more flexible so you will need to use weights or clamps to hold it in place while the glue dries.

These are the steps you need to take to give new life to your old or ordinary furniture without having it damaged.

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