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Captain Tsubasa

Takahashi Yichi, the permanent creator of the manga about the exploits and achievements of a school child prodigy, fell ill with football 40 years ago, after watching the 1978 World Cup. Thus was born the iconic manga, which spawned several anime adaptations, a light novel trilogy for teenagers, and many games that you play on F95zone. Captain Tsubasa for Japanese geeks today is a figure as iconic and important as Michael Jordan is to the fans of the Chicago Bulls or Neymar is to the fans of Paris Saint-Germain.


To be honest, I really don’t want to load you with a rich retrospective, so let’s say the main thing: by now, almost two dozen games have been released about the captain of the youth football team named TsubasOdzora. And here it is important to understand that this is a cult character in a sports anime, whose history geeks watch as eagerly as the documentary mini-series “The Last Dance” about one great basketball player.

For you to understand, there are no fouls and no red cards in this arcade sport. Instead, it uses ninjutsu techniques, dramatic 80s anime-style dialogues, and the beefs of key forwards, coaches and other soccer figures eager to challenge the fearsome Tsubasa. Most of all, Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions  is similar to another game from Bandai Namco – Dragon Ball FighterZ , from which elements of the fighting game were removed, replacing them with “fighting football”.

You’ve probably played similar arcade sports sims such as Kunio-kun no Nekketsu Soccer League, which the Dandy generation simply called Killer Football. Or Mario Strikers. Or Inazuma Eleven. Or any other arcade soccer with the distant traits of a ball kicking simulator. In contrast, Captain Tsubasa puts more emphasis on iconic characters who only at first glance seem like another variation of BTS’s boy band. In reality, each of them is unique and has its own fan base. The relationship of these heroes forms the plot of the game, and football showdowns like men and without rules are just an addition to the exciting story about the confrontation of high school students who grow up before our eyes and move to the “international level” as a fighting team focused on results.

Formally, all the traditional features for this sport are present – dribbling, passing, corners, penalties, feints, various types of lumbago. And the boring rules in the form of cards and offsides were left for Electronic Arts . It soon turns out, however, that each of our charges have their own unique defensive and offensive skills. One is capable of a non-blocking tackle, the second is ready to take a ball with a frame that no goalkeeper will catch, and the third can kick the projectile so that it will catch fire and fly into the top nine. For this, in fact, they love this series of games. And also for the daring protagonists, because each national team has its own “Tsubasa”, that is, a forward-ace.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions:

Of course, first of all, Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions should be classified as a niche project, but the niche itself is vast, and Tsubasa has  not much less fans than Tsushima or Tsum store . Plus, the game really gives you a fresh perspective on football, with friendship, rivalry and intrigue never seen before in the  FIFA franchise . And for those who still want a little more serious attitude to sports, the authors have provided tactical schemes with the ability to juggle football players in a team, change their roles and activate general team tactics using one button of the gamepad.

All in all, the game has two “story” campaigns. The first is dedicated to TsubasaOdzora and is a teaching story like difficult person test that brings neophytes up to date. It tells the story of the “Japanese Pele” with all the historically important details. That is, each story-based foot match has special requirements that activate mini-clips with almost verbatim quotes from the Tsubasu anime. Fights are lavishly composed of historically significant moments for which you need to find your triggers. And, of course, to win, because Tsubasa’s name has become synonymous with victory. The episode begins with the very first performances of Odzora at the school competition, but the most interesting begins after the youth team moves to the international level.

For those who have already got used to winning, there is a second story campaign called “Episode: A New Hero”. Most of all, it is similar to the adventures of Alex Hunter, which we saw in three issues of FIFA – 17, 18 and 19. Here we are given the opportunity to create a no-name football player, whose career will have to be built with his decisions and successful performances. The campaign is intended for more experienced gamers, since there is no cheat code in the person of Tsubasa and his invincible friends, but there is an opportunity to choose between matches for the hero and the cue in the answers that will affect his parameters and titles. The developers recommend going through this episode three times to see all possible interactions and look at all the available content. I wonder how many will follow this advice?

All single-player content will take between 25 and 30 hours depending on your play style. There will definitely not be any problems with the first campaign – matches do not cause too many problems, there are no difficulty levels, and you will spend most of your time listening to numerous dialogues and cut-scenes. In addition to two “episodes of Huniepop 2“, there is a local and network competition mode with the ability to collect your own dream-team. This will be helped by card sets purchased for in-game currency – players’ cards, as well as various items and power-ups for them, drop out of them. Not without microtransactions, but thanks at least for not turning the game into FIFA Ultimate Team with its “farm” of good cards for real money.


If you deal with not the most obvious mechanics of the game, learn how to make feints and hit the goal with “charged” shots, then Rise of New Champions will deliver a lot of pleasant minutes as an arcade sport. Thirty hours of high-quality anime content, a large number of teams and teams, space for simulating situations from manga – all this easily justifies the price tag of the game. In addition, there is a gallery for geeks, which contains information about everything that you saw and heard in the game: music tracks, cut scenes, biographies of heroes with a description of their special techniques …

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