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5 Most Important Car Technology Breakthroughs in the Past Years

In today’s innovation-driven society, one cannot ignore that car sector is the next major thing in progressing following technical advancement. Read about Car Technology Breakthroughs in detail below.

It would not be weird to say that the automotive sector is exploding with new advancements these days. There’s genuinely no exception when we say that the car industry these days is blooming with developments. 

 If only you compare the car industry of late 80s with the ambition of 21st century, the contrast you will witness would be incredible. 

Starting from seat belts to auto-pilot mode, it appears like car innovation breakthroughs don’t come in handy with limits. 

Lately, the car manufacturers are head to head with innovation organizations so that they can present us with most excellent, cozy, and secure vehicles that world has ever seen! 

On the off chance that you are a car enthusiast and love to keep yourself updated with the latest car technology, then this article here might serve you as a topping over the desert! 

Without any further ado, let’s start our article listing the most excellent advancements witnessed in the automobile industry over the past years! 

  • Modern High beam control technology

 While driving long distances in your automobile, there may be certain spots in between where the typical illumination of your vehicle fails to allow you to adequately observe the way.

To rectify this problem in a modern way, modern high beam control technology is introduced. As you can guess by the word modern, we aren’t talking about the average high beam used before.

This technology here happens to be so advanced that it can sense whenever there’s a need for a high beam and automatically shuts it off while moving in the traffic. 

The bright side of this technology is that it solely depends on sensors. Hence you don’t have to worry about turning your high beam on and off manually ever again. 

On the off chance that by any means you’re arranging to buy car for yourself soon, then this is the feature you don’t want to miss out on! 

  • Premium Navigation systems 

How ludicrous does it seem to you if we ask you to find your way to an unknown location with only a paper map? Exactly, you would consider this to be crazy. Important point in Car Technology Breakthroughs guide.

However, this is the practice that drivers used when navigation systems weren’t introduced to people. 

Since the installation of navigation systems in automobiles, many drivers’ life has become more manageable.

The thing we love about modern navigation system technology is that it appears wide on the screen of your car. 

Hence, you no longer require to peek through your smartphone for a location. And this has undoubtedly led us to a much-reduced number of accidents that were caused by smartphones! 

  • Keyless entry and push-button start option

Long gone are the days when we all used to insert our car key in the car knob and unlock the car manually.

Introducing keyless entry and push-button start option technology is one of the most impressive evolutions we have seen in the car industry.

Since this keyless entry has been introduced to people, the vehicles have become more secure. 

In old times, car thefts were at their peak as it was easy to make a duplicate key for any vehicle. However, today the technology has advanced to the next level.  

This keyless entry works through a remote that operates on the sensors. Hence there’s no way an uninvited person can have access to your car. 

And by having keyless entry, the need to turn the car’s ignition on by a key is gone too. Instead, all you have to do is thrust a button, and your vehicle will be ready to drive instantly! 

  • Smartphone Integration

Smartphones are progressing and getting smarter with every passing day. The same goes for the automobile industry. Hence, it makes sense when smartphones working with smart cars can convert your driving experience into a profound one!

Connecting your smartphone with your car via bluetooth isn’t the thing that we are talking about here. However, this connectivity option has always remained limited to either playing music or making calls. 

With the advancement of automobile technology, the manufacturers have worked diligently on this program, transforming it into a new masterpiece.

Thanks to the inclusion of Google Android and Apple Carplay, there is so much more one can do via his car, computer system, and smartphone. 

Either you want to listen to your favorite song or find the location of your desired destination, this modern smartphone integration technology has surely got you covered! 

  • Superior headlamp innovative technology

Last but not least, you will not believe us when we tell you that this is yet another change that the 90’s introduced to us. 

In 1992, we were introduced with high-intensity discharge headlamps. These headlamps used to emit a lot more brightness than a halogen lamp ever produces. However, soon enough, these discharge headlamps were replaced by LEDs. 

One major disadvantage of going with the traditional discharge headlamps was that they used to generate a lot of heat energy by operating. However, the LEDs comprise a different scenario. 

These LED headlamps happen to be enriched with premium technology that can detect the conditions of their surroundings and adapt to them in the best possible way.

Being the reason behind the driver’s clear vision, this superior Headlamp innovative technology has won many hearts! 

Wrapping it up!

Even though vehicle advancement has been ongoing for a long time, the vehicle industry’s progress during the previous two decades has been outstanding.

Giving tribute to the advancement of innovation, cars of this era are faster, more secure, and much more enjoyable to drive.

Watching technology advancing at its full speed, we accept that none of us can hold up to find what developments the future holds for the automobile world. 

That being stated, the list above represents the most significant advancements in the automobile sector over the last several years.

As a result, we hope that reading our article provided you with a remarkable experience! Hope you love reading about Car Technology Breakthroughs.

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