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5 Common Causes of Stress Among Students And Ways To Prevent It

After vacation and quarantine, when students will return to class, complaints will begin again. Read Causes of Stress Among Students.


After vacation and quarantine, when students will return to class, complaints will begin again. The curriculum is overloaded; they feel bored in the classroom etc. Let’s recall the most common reasons for stress for the students. We will also provide practical ways that make learning a joy for them.

Causes of Stress Among Students

1- Academic Success Depends On The Teacher

This is partly true. Teachers determine the success of the students. They may be too liberal with their students or too strict, protectively caring or busily detached, meticulous in details, and so on. Some teachers merely correspond to the student’s idea about a good teacher. Students feel that one person cannot determine their fate. 

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Though it is stressful for some students, not all teachers are strict. Moreover, if you perform well in exams, assignments, and essay writing, nobody can stop you from scoring good grades. Your academic success lies in your own hands. Therefore, get rid of this negative thought.

2- The Study Load Is Too Heavy

Students going to physical classes or online classes complain about excessive academic burden. This problem seems to be increased due to virtual classes, where the number of assignments has increased. Sometimes fatigue is the result of improper distribution of energy and time. 


The main thing here is to develop a daily algorithm of behavior: Start with breakfast. Join the online class, listen to everything carefully, and makes notes. When you do this, writing the assignments will become easier. After completing and submitting the assignments, you will have time to watch a movie or play with the pet.

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3- Assessments Cause Constant Stress

Many students live in fear of a bad grade. They perceive it not as an assessment of their work but as a kind of stigma. Often the parents themselves become a reason for student’s anxiety. Some students have continuous pressure from their families to perform well. The parents dramatize the situation, and the children begin to worry more. 


Even the most inquisitive and attentive student sometimes does not cope with some tasks well. And this does not mean that he/she is a bad student. If students get rid of this fear of scoring badly and focus more on learning new things, their performance will improve. Both teachers and parents should be polite to the students. By setting high expectations, you may ruin their career or life as a whole.

4- Being Bullied By Classmates

This happens in different colleges, regardless of prestige, location, and level of teaching. Anything can become a reason for ridicule: glasses, hair of a “wrong” color, tall or short stature, too dense build, or a quiet voice. Many students live in fear when they go to college. Their mind stays in constant stress. Research shows that such students are not able to perform well in their studies. Moreover, their physical and mental health deteriorates.

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An effective strategy is to listen to the students but do not comment on their story. Please resist the temptation to fix his/her problem immediately. Try to understand what he/she is feeling: pain, resentment, or anger? It may seem incredible, but we help such students listen to them and acknowledge their feelings. 

There is only one situation in which you need to intervene right away. When the bully’s actions humiliate a student’s dignity or are only life-threatening, a teacher should intervene. 

5- Constant Pressure To Attend Classes

This is happening more and more often. On the one hand, our students are freer to express their feelings and desires. On the other hand, the college does not always satisfy their needs for free choice, creativity, and development. 


When you notice that a student stay absent from most of the classes, counsel him/her. Talk to him/her about it. Try to understand what’s going on. Is it an educational burden? Is it due to lots of assignments? Is it due to a personal problem? 

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Develop an understanding of the main problem. Only a good talk with a teacher can bring back the motivation. If a student struggles to complete the homework, you may suggest good services for assignment writing UK.  

Summing Up

There are multiple stressors for students both in the virtual and physical education system. However, a good teacher can always look for the signs and help the students.

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