What Are Some Cheap Hotels in Benidorm for all Budgets? (Spain)

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Important information about the most popular town to visit for travelers in Spain. Explore some Cheap Hotels in Benidorm for all Budgets.


Are you looking to find cheap hotels in Benidorm? With more than 200 hotels in the Benidorm area, it would be pretty tricky to choose, especially if you want to make the most of your holiday and save your money for sightseeing rather than spend a lot on just the hotel.

First off, you may want to begin with an internet search. You may typically find some tour operators or booking agencies that offer packages that combine travel and accommodation. 

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They also offer great value deals that could save you a lot of money, but you still have a pleasurable vacation.

These sites often give you an idea of what you might expect with the hotels, as well as your stay, and you can browse through photos, price lists, even reviews for any of the hotels.

Now, cheap doesn’t always mean low quality, especially since there are many affordable hotels that are good quality, comfortable, nice, well-kept and with excellent services.

Even with last-minute bookings, there are still good deals and lots of discounts that you can get hold of. More value for your money, so to speak.

If possible, you could try looking for deals in slightly less luxurious hotels. 

A lot of hotels that are three-star or lower rating can still offer excellent services, and it is worth trying to find a hotel’s website so you can compare their direct price with the one offered by more traditional travel sites.

They are even going so far as to call them directly to see if they will offer you a deal, so they don’t have to pay a commission to Lastminute!

Because of the many hotels to choose from, it would more likely ensure that you will have a comfortable and pleasant stay in beautiful surroundings, whatever your budget or needs are. 

Whether you’re holidaying alone, or with a group or your family, Benidorm has a lot to offer.

Cheap hotels in Benidorm give you comfort, value, and may also be self-catering without compromising your experience, and are often conveniently located near the beach and tourist spots.

Many of these hotels provide plenty of entertainment to their guests with live music and other activities, so they don’t come across as second best for keeping everyone entertained.

You can get some fantastic deals on various board options, including best all-inclusive hotels in Benidorm to suit your budget.

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Alternatives to Cheap Hotels in Benidorm

Another option, if you’re bent on saving money, would be serviced apartments, which are mostly available at a low price. 

These apartments are popular among executives and groups or families that need added space and self-catering facilities.

Even now, we’re not finished with the accommodation in Benidorm. 

For the budget-conscious, there are complexes with flats and apartments (that are not fully serviced) that provide exceptional service. 

And especially with more competition, there could be a drastic change in terms of the prices. 

We’ll take a closer look at apartments in Benidorm at a later date.

Check your local travel agency if you would like more information as overall, cheap hotels in Benidorm aren’t really all that hard to find.

Best Area for Hotels in Benidorm

You have three main areas to choose from when looking for hotels in Benidorm.

The New Town, which is the central hub for most visiting Benidorm for their holidays.

This area of Benidorm is perfect if you want to be near the nightlife, beaches and markets.

Although it can be a bit hectic the winter months are usually a good time, close to everything Benidorm and cheaper than peak season.

Benidorm Old Town is ideal for those looking for a more authentic Spanish holiday.

A quieter pace here with an abundance of local tapas bars, sights and lots of alleyways to explore.

Highly recommended is a visit to the Placa del Castell and it’s amazing views over the resort.

Rincon de Loix is the third main area popular with holidaymakers visiting Benidorm.

Here you have a great selection of hotels like the Melia and Flamingo.

Around the Rincon part of Benidorm, you have some great options for self-catering apartments and private holiday lets.

Plenty of bars and restaurants are found situated in the Rincon, Yorkshire Pride, China Gardens and the Red Lion 2 Bar are all popular choices. 

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