Detailed Checklist Of Student Visa Subclass 500 Before Applying

Checklist Of Student Visa

Studying in Australia will provide you with plenty of benefits. Read Checklist Of Student Visa to know everything important about it.


Studying in Australia will provide you with plenty of benefits. It will allow you to take part in many activities and also find your dream job. With the help of the Student Visa Subclass 500, you can opt for full-time training and education in Australia.

This particular visa will also permit you to live in Australia for 5-years. Before lodging the visa application, you must carry a letter of offer from the education provider. 

With the student Visa Subclass 500, you can participate within an eligible course of study, including your family members in the visa application, and get to apply in or outside of Australia. You can also work for 40-hours every 2-weeks once you start your course. 


The eligibility criteria of the Student Visa Subclass 500

When you have decided to apply for the Student Visa 500, there are several things that you need to fulfil. Doing so will make you eligible for the Visa. Look below!

  • You need to have enough money to support yourself while living in Australia.
  • You are required to meet all the character and health requirements.
  • Must provide evidence of your English language skills.
  • You must enrol yourself as a full-time student through an Australian education provider and get a written confirmation of the enrolment.
  • You need to be 6 years old or older. 
  • Individuals who are under the age of 18 must-have welfare management in place while residing in Australia. 
  • You need to be covered by the Overseas Student Health Cover or OSHC. This should be done through a trusted health insurance provider from Australia.

What is the process of obtaining the subclass 500 visa?

Once you have enrolled yourself in a full-time course in Australia, the visa experts will apply for your student subclass 500 through DOHA (Department of Home Affairs). You need to meet all the requirements and provide all the necessary documents.


When DOHA approves your visa, you can enter the Australian soil to undertake your course. Keep in mind to apply for the visa 6-weeks before your course begins.

Also, before you submit all the documents for the visa, be sure to check them well to not miss out on anything. If one or two important documents are missing, your visa application might get rejected. 

How much time does it take for the visa to process?

The processing time for the student Visa 500 might wary because it will depend entirely on the sector you are applying for. For the Defence and Foreign Affairs sector, about 75% of the applications are processed 28 days and 90% within 55 days. For the Postgraduate Research Sector, 75% of them are processed within 4-months, and 90% of them in 9 months.

Under the Higher Education Sector, it takes about 75% of them are processed in 29 days, and 90% of them within 42 days. Lastly, for the Training and Vocational Education Sector, 77% of the applications are processed within 43% and about 90% in 77 days.

Type of evidence you need to provide for English language skills

When you provide the right evidence for your English language skills, it will qualify you for the Subclass 500 visa. You need to obtain a test score through IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Other English language tests, such as TOEFL, Pearson Test of English Academic, and Occupational English Test, will also help you obtain the test score.

You can get in touch with the professional Migration Agent Adelaide as they will help you book and prepare for the English test without any issues. Providing evidence for the English language is a crucial thing that you must fulfil. 


Things to know about the document checklist

The Student Visa 500 Checklist will provide you with an idea of the documents you need for the visa applications. You can take the help of a good checklist tool, where you have to enter your education provider and the country of passport to receive a correct document checklist. If you have not decided on your education provider, you can leave the area blank.

When the evidence for finance and English is required, you need to attach the documents right before applying. Ensure all the Student Visa Subclass 500 Conditions and terms are fulfilled before you submit all the documents.

The cost for the visa application

In general, the average cost for the Subclass 500 Visa is $620 for the actual applicant. But if you are taking your family members with you, a charge will be applied for each of them. You must also take the Immigration Agent Adelaide services as they will provide you with all the details on the cost. If there are any additional charges, the agent will also make sure to notify you. 

Ending note

The student subclass 500 visa is ideal for all individuals who wish to study and work in Australia. Once you have decided to apply for the visa, make sure to take a professional visa expert or an immigration agent. They will help in getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

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