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Understanding the Science Behind Your Child’s Security Blanket

Childs growing up with security blankets are more emotionally leveled and more focused than children without any of those advantages.


According to science, children who grew up with an endeared security blanket mature become sound adults. Their beloved comfort blankets like those from Snuggle Hunny kids boost confidence and allow a child to cultivate an understanding of self-value.

In such a way that parents can sometimes misinterpret these tiny woven fabrics, a young mind with an affinity to a security blanket can be empowered towards adulthood. It provides a level of security and becomes a comforting tool for life’s transitions. 

Children growing up with security blankets are more emotionally leveled and more focused than children who did not use such things. They have a fitting sense of security, which allows them to take risks and explore life. 

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One of the few things every parent tries to integrate into their child’s upbringing is having the safety net to prepare them for their adult life. A snuggly blanket can be a confidence booster while at the same time allowing a child the freedom to get rid of the material when it is no longer needed. 

It allows children to take small risks during their development stage and acquire the freedom to learn about themselves. Children with a loved security blanket fare better during transitional stages because they are emotionally secured. It includes taking the giant leap towards independence, helping them develop connections outside their parent’s grasps. 

Security blankets from Snuggle Hunny Kids can act as transitional objects, becoming indispensable support to calm a child when trying to fall asleep. Most parents are keen on recognizing a blanket’s value to their children, allowing them to cuddle and take their blankets anywhere they go.

Security Blankets Invite Emotional Stability Among Children 

Introducing a young mind to a soft and cuddly blanket can have positive effects on their emotional stability. A child will learn the value of self-awareness and comfort. Additionally, it becomes a continuity of their experience. 

A child taken away from their loved blankets can be restless and continuously look for the same reassurance it provides. For example, a child who continually gets dizzy while on the road will find comfort in their cuddly blankets. It helps remove anxieties and allows them to relax while traveling. 

Psychologists even believe that children attached to a particular blanket possess a unique life force because of their ability to exhibit an intuitive adaptability behavior. Such material becomes an extension of their emotional support to help them cope with stress or anxiety. 

Should Parents Foster a Child’s Attachment to Transitional Objects?

Feeling a twinge of concern is normal for any parent considering that their child is growing fond of their blankets. Nonetheless, science dictates that it is a healthy developmental stage among children, allowing them to become emotionally grounded.

It bridges links between situations where they are likely to experience anxieties. A child being left in their grandparents’ care can quickly adapt because the blanket becomes an extension of their home. 

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Studies also indicate that children who are fond of transitional objects, including blankets, are far happier than those without. They develop better attachments to their parents and exhibit emotional independence. 

A comfort object is part of the normal growing up process of a young child. Gifting them and exposing them to a cuddly blanket at an early age is far healthier to keep them calm and emotionally grounded. 

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