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Tips to Choose Best Earrings for Your Face – Amir Articles

Earrings have always served people as decoration and have played an indisputably important role. Read Choose Earrings for Your Face for more.


Earrings have always served people as decoration and have played an indisputably important role in creating one’s look. Both women and men adorned themselves and thereby underlined their status in society.

Above all, it is a good and unforgettable gift that its choice should be taken so seriously. First, to choose Earrings, you need to understand: for whom it is intended clearly.

Second, it can also not harm to clarify the status and age of the person and his taste, style of outfit, and personal preferences.

It is worth noting that there are unspoken rules for wearing jewelry. Do not give a young woman the earrings with large stones, which will look rather provocative on her, but for women in old age, such earrings emphasize her individuality.

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Also, do not wear jewelry intended for evening outings during the day – you will be characterized as a person with bad taste. From the preceding, it can be seen that well-chosen jewelry will delight its owner and trigger unforgettable emotions in him, and emphasize her personality.

The antique earrings set online are an indispensable accessory for the fashion-conscious woman, continuing her style. When choosing earrings, parameters such as weight, size, and type of clasp play a role.

Many of us overlook the fact that one should pay equal attention to the color, shape, and arrangement of the stones. The focus is on the relationship between the shape, size, and structure of the stones, emphasizing their real beauty.

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  • For women with a round face shape, the earrings in different shapes, with or without a stone, are perfect. The earrings, decorated with one or more contrasting colored stones and patterns, visually elongate the wearer’s face.
  • For women of small height, earrings that are too long are not recommended; the moving part of the earring’s optimal length should not exceed 4 cm. The round or square hoop earrings emphasize the charm of the fair sex with fine facial features.
  • Women who have an oval face can choose earrings of any shape and size. They can buy artificial earrings set online.
  • The owners of cuboid faces appreciate the earrings or earrings on a chain. The important thing is that they shouldn’t be massive or too heavy. Also, the earrings with English clasp in round or teardrop shape fit them.
  • When choosing earrings for these people, the main requirement is to avoid intricate geometric ornaments and patterns but rather to give preference to sharp and soft lines.

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  • The ladies who have the shape of a triangle can choose the earrings that will perfectly balance the face thanks to an appropriately selected shape and design. Trapezoidal or triangular earrings (pyramid) fit best here.
  • Avoid the shape that resembles the heart. In this case, the ideal solution will be stud earrings, earrings with an English clasp, or earrings in the shape of a drop. For a brighter image, choose earrings with colored stones or pearls.

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