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Choose VPS Ireland by Serverwala for your WordPress website

With the up-growing technology, people in Ireland are drawn towards starting their own online businesses. Hence, most people commence with small startups, WordPress, or blogging sites. But WordPress is not only meant for bloggers. You can run online stores, corporate intranets, and even large online publishing houses, apart from blogging sites. But to initially start your WordPress Website, you need highly scalable, reliable, and user-friendly web hosting. For that, a VPS Ireland by Serverwala is the perfect platform. This is because it gives you exclusive benefits and additional services such as rendering add-on plugins, themes, etc. All you can utilize to make your WordPress site more creative and dynamic.  

Further, if you are interested in knowing how Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Ireland is beneficial for your WordPress site, this guide is for you. You would reach at the end of this post to get a worthwhile solution. So, let’s get started!

How is VPS Hosting Ireland different from Shared Hosting? 

Virtual Private Server is a type of web hosting that gives you independent webspace, dedicated resources, root access, more control & customization, more flexibility, security, and much more at an affordable price. Hence, best for your WordPress sites. In simple terms, VPS Ireland Hosting provides you all the basic to advanced level hosting services you require to efficiently run your WordPress sites. 

In contrast, a Shared Hosting shares its valuable web resources and space with its neighboring sites making it less reliable and less secure. Although all the plans of shared hosting are cheap, anyone can go with it. Further, it can cater to the needs of small sites or personal blogs. That’s why it is considered the best option for startups and users with a limited budget. 

You can check the level of difference both hosting have in the below mentioned table. So, it would be quickly clear to you which web hosting is the most apt choice for your WordPress site. 

CharacteristicsVPS Hosting Shared Hosting
Best forSmall to medium Size sitesBlog and personal small sites
UptimeHigh uptime guaranteeLess Uptime 
Root AccessibilityYou get SSH level Root AccessWeb Host manage the Server
PerformanceOptimal Performance Better performance for small sites
SecurityHighly secure(SSL and SLA)Less Secure 
Managed plansHighly managedLess managed
ScalabilityScale up resourcesLess scalable than VPS
ReliabilityMore reliable because of private hostingLess Reliable because of sharing nature
PricingEasy affordable and mid range plansCheap plans

After going through the comparison table, you can decide on a better hosting plan. But if you are still in dilemma whether or not to invest in a Managed VPS Ireland plan. Then in the next section, you can check out the exclusive benefits you can enjoy if you opt for this hosting. 

Advantages of Serverwala’s VPS Ireland for WordPress websites

VPS Hosting is the one stop solution for your WordPress Sites because of rendering these premium level benefits. Here we enlist the top benefits you get with Serverwala’s VPS Ireland Hosting.

Better Security

Security is the most important thing nowadays, and no business would like to compromise with it for any reason. You can’t assure your data is truly secure in a shared hosting environment because of sharing its resources and security settings. In addition, multiple sites hosted on the same physical Server make the site more vulnerable or open for easy attacks and malware. However, Ireland VPS Hosting provides high-security measures for your WordPress Sites

Greater Performance

Nowadays, speed and performance matter a lot and best for delivering a better user experience and SEO rankings. With shared hosting, lack of traffic reduces the overall performance and makes your WordPress site more sluggish. Therefore, VPS Ireland Hosting gives you optimal performance and better customer satisfaction

More Flexibility

Whether you run an online store or business, e-commerce, or commercial sites, flexibility is one of the most needed benefits. It enables you to install the custom applications you want on your VPS Ireland Server for your WordPress site. 

Less Downtime

The concept of uptime and downtime is simple to understand and the most important reason to switch your hosting from shared hosting to a VPS server. In shared hosting, when various sites share the same resources, it makes your website performance down and affects the site ranking. In contrast, VPS ensures high uptime. So, your WordPress site never stuck with any technical issues and always stayed at the top of the SERP page. 

Highly Scalable

Doesn’t matter which type of online business you start, but you require highly scalable hosting. This is because, with the passing time, your business gradually starts growing. At that moment, you need to fulfill the growing demands of your WordPress Sites. For that, a Managed VPS Ireland Hosting is the best choice. This benefits you with the highly scalable features. So, you can scale up your resources to accommodate the hosting requirements of your WordPress Site. 

As you have gone through these powerful benefits. So you can have the idea now if you host your WordPress site on a VPS Ireland hosting, then what benefits can you enjoy with it. But one question comes to mind. If you are still hosting your site on shared hosting, then when would you switch your hosting? You’ll get to know this in the upcoming section. 

Things to Know before moving to VPS Ireland 

So, you have decided to move your site from shared hosting to VPS Ireland hosting. Let’s see what is the best approach to do this.

Find a Suitable Web Host provider

It’s obvious that every web host has different strategies, plans, pricing, hosting packages, and services. So, you need to choose a reliable web host that provides all the exclusive benefits discussed above at an affordable price. For that, you can approach Serverwala because it gives you better uptime, on-premise customer support, true reviews, and a money back guarantee. 

Migration Services

If you want to switch your hosting from shared to Ireland VPS without facing the technical jargon, what would be the best solutions you have? Just choose a reliable web host like Serverwala. It can do easy data migrations without letting your site experience any downtime.

Managed VPS

A VPS Server is better in every perspective for your WordPress Site. If you do not have any budget issues, then you can choose the Managed VPS Ireland Hosting. In this hosting, your web host manages and takes care of your website’s aspects from server setups, application upgrades, technical things, and much more. In short, you will be free from the hurdles of server management and maintenance. 

Now, at this point of discussion, you are clearly aware of How VPS hosting benefits your WordPress site and why you should switch to managed VPS Hosting. 

Summing Up 

Serverwala’s VPS Hosting is the go-to choice for your WordPress site. But still, if you want your web host to handle it for you, you can choose the Managed VPS Ireland Hosting, in which all the services, support, maintenance, upgrades, and management are done by the Serverwala. So, you can freely enjoy your hosting and keep focusing on maximizing revenue from your WordPress site. 

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