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Choosing The Correct Necklace – Best Necklace Length for Women

The necklace is a precious gift for women. You can give it to your love, also put it around her neck. Read “Choosing The Correct Necklace”


Everybody needs their spouse to look exquisite; at that point, choosing a delightful pendant will add that excitement to her personality. A necklace is a precious gift for women. You can give it to your love, and when you put it around her neck, it creates a romantic scene that we saw in movies. This gift will show your love and how special she is for you and your life.

The expensive gem and the length of the chain define a necklace. There are many styles out there, as it is available in a pendant style that consists of a pearl, gemstone, and expensive metal design held by chains. But before selecting the right necklace, there are some important aspects that you have to worry about.


If a gift is not perfect, then it is not worth it anymore. We suggest you visit Desire gems for the best selection and before selecting a necklace for your love, consider the things listed below.

Consider Neck Size

First and foremost, you have to take care of the size of the necklace. So it is good practice that you already know the size of her neck. It does not take a lot of time, but it is worth a lot.

Know if you are confused about measuring the neck size, then you have to wrap a soft measuring tape around the neck, and you are good to go.

After getting the exact measurement, you can add some three or four inches to it. So you can get the perfect size of the necklace.

Think About the Event

For a formal function, do not select a flashy or too loud necklace. At formal functions, women like to wear beaded or heavy dresses. And a thick chain or a big pendant isn’t going to work. A decent necklace can easily be worn with jeans. So before selecting a necklace, think about the event.

Go with a Trend

Nowadays, women love to follow the trend. Keep in mind that every woman has a different taste. Some of them liked heavy jewelry. On the other hand some of them like the decent ones. So you have to know her taste before selecting a handmade silver necklace for her.


Select a masterpiece according to the style of your lady. If you give her a necklace according to the trend, she can proudly show her fashion sense in her circle. And when someone praises her, it makes her happier. Another advantage is that if you select a piece according to the trend, she can use it for a long time.


Consider the Colors of Your Clothing as well.

Last but not least, always select the color that suits her skin tone and clothing. One of the best advice is that you select a color that can be easily wearable with all colors of clothing. Or you can go with the color that suits her dress.

Here you can also take the jewelry shop person’s advice, or you can check the color wheel to select the right color.

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