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With the proliferation of small electronic devices such as USB flash drives (also known as USB memory sticks and memory cards), it has become increasingly difficult to know whose belongs to whom. Rather than plugging in each unit to check the contents, why not clearly mark the unit so that no confusion arises? Artisans always like to personalize their own space, giving new uses to new or traditional craft materials. Make your high-tech devices a testament to your creativity.

Glaze 3-D gloss ink pens available from Sakura of America are ideal for adding decorative touches to USB flash drives, cell phones, PDAs, and even laptops UV Ink Cleaner. The ink dries quickly, leaving a shiny surface with raised relief. The colors are transparent but intensely bright. Sakura even produces stickers to go with the pens, but it’s easy enough to design without stickers.

With just a few frosted 3D ink pens, a mini stamp, craft ink (and a cleaner), any electronic device can be customized to be easily spotted in a crowded room.

This is a quick and easy way to personalize your USB flash drive, cell phone, laptop, you name it!

Supplies Needed:

Mini stamp
Craft ink
Craft ink cleaner
Glazed ink pens
Seal on the unit. While allowing the craft ink to dry  UV inks (do not heat fix as this can damage the plastic case and circuitry), clean the stamp. Color in and around the stamped image with the enamel markers. When the icing pen is used for the first time, there is a small “cap” on the tip  . Take off this cap. To apply the ink, gently touch the tip to the surface to be colored and move the pen in a small circular motion. This will completely cover the surface without leaving streaks. When using the glazed pen later, roll the tip of the pen at a 45 degree angle on sandpaper or a paper towel to remove excess gum ink. This will help the ink flow for a smooth application.

Try the same technique on your cell phone. Why spend money on custom cases when you can have a truly personalized cell phone case?

When selecting polish or gel pens for use in electronic cases, check the packaging to verify that it is safe for use on plastic and metal. Do not heat craft projects on electronic devices, wait for the ink to dry naturally. The heat setting can damage the plastic housing or electronic circuitry of the device.

Have you ever had an ink and leather accident ? Or how about removing the gum? Well, okay, it’s not the end of the world. If you (or your kids) marked your sofa or car seats with a small ink stain or have some gum on your sofa, here are some solutions for you.

The answers are not as easy as you might think, because there are different factors involved in every situation. For example, with ink stains, you need to consider the type of leather and the type of ink. Pay attention to the type of leather you are dealing with, and everything should work fine. Okay, here we go …

Remove ink stains from leather

When it comes to removing ink stains from leather, ballpoint ink is the worst because it is oil-based. Other types of ink, such as a fountain pen or roller ball, tend to be easier since they are water-based. That does not mean that it is impossible to remove the ink stain, just that you may need different methods.

Ink is a dye. So when it leaves a mark on the leather, it gets absorbed quickly. If the area is small, you can wait a bit to see if the leather absorbs it, removing the mark. Due to this natural absorption, many solutions used to dissolve ink stains also affect the color of the leather. So whether you are using a home remedy or a professional solution, always test on a small area that is not visible before tackling the ink stain.

Home remedies

No matter what type of ink stain, start by using a non-abrasive white pencil eraser. Make sure the ink stain has not been moistened with water, solvent, or alcohol. Gently rub back and forth until the ink stain begins to fade. You may need to go through this process several times before you see the desired results.

Once the ink stain is removed, apply a small amount of colorless leather polish to the stain. When dry, buff with a clean cloth to shine the leather. This procedure has been found to be very successful for ostrich, float, buffalo, crocodile, Vitellino, Apache, and Caterina leather, but is not a good choice for aniline leather as it has not been treated with a protective material.

Another good home remedy is the use of mineral spirits. Dampen a small section of a clean, soft cloth and gently rub the ink stain. If you notice that the ink is scattering, stop immediately. If the ink stain starts to fade, go ahead and then allow the leather to dry. When dry, apply a small amount of conditioner.

You can also try dampening a clean, soft cloth with hairspray, wood alcohol, a mild multi-purpose automotive interior cleaner, or a mild dish detergent and warm water, and then gently rubbing the ink stain. When dry, apply a small amount of leather polish to the spot, returning the shine to the leather.

For the remaining stains, dip a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and treat only the ink tip.

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