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Mustard Our Colour Of The Month

The colour mustard, a darker shade of yellow and perhaps the most often used shade of yellow. Alongside it is a bold colour it is also considered a neutral believe it or not since it offsets other shades surprisingly well. Mustard makes everything better, without losing its own personal character. Read about Colour Of The Month below.

In fashion, mustard is ideal for women looking for bright yet sophisticated colours although when one thinks of glamorous colours, mustard rarely comes to mind. It’s trendy, perhaps, but not glamorous. Mustard is different: It’s bold, but also muddy. It adds a vivacious touch to any outfit. From silks to cotton and lawns this colour is never boring and not too much either. 

Today I am going to show you how to wear this very creative colour.  Mustard is a very versatile and interesting hue of yellow that can be worn by everyone. I know many of you are afraid to wear it regularly in everyday life although like I said before it gives a very sophisticated look. By itself, it might look too weird to make it a go-to outfit but once you try it on and mix and match with black neutrals and denim, everything changes. 

Mustard Series

First of all, mustard looks ideal with brown colour. This is a wonderful combination for cooler overcast days. The result looks neutral, but not boring. 

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A luscious ochre canvas, ‘Warli Land’ is layered with gorgeous prints in soft mustard hues portraying exquisite motifs. The overall look is enhanced with delicate embroidery at the front in ivory hues. Paired with a striped matching dupatta, this elegant ensemble is a versatile option for summer occasions. The front of the shirt is printed and embroidered with an all printed shirt back and full sleeves. Looks perfect with beige trousers.

Mustard can be paired with a burgundy colour. This is another warm colour combo, but it looks dark. The result looks traditionally fall appropriate. 

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This gorgeous and alluring one-piece straight cut jacquard shirt in a combination of rich mustard yellow and Burgundy red leaves with an embroidered boat cut neckline in dull gold that has a front slit and pearl detailing that looks rather quaint. Straight Cut Full Sleeves and a straight hemline. You could dress it up with white trousers for a semi-formal look or dress it down to a casual college or work look with dark blue types of denim and cross over dull gold sandals. 

The Classics

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The classic combo of mustard yellow and midnight rich blue. This medium-length lawn kurta is rendered in beautiful floral imagery and is stitched in a straight silhouette for a classic allure. The front and back of the shirt are printed, sporting full sleeves and the neckline is round with placket detail.

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Enjoy this summer weather in this enchanting one piece lawn Kurti presented in a gleaming yellow colour. Adorned with racket illustrations screen printed at front in flamboyant hues, this chic design is an ideal option for summer parties.

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An elegant textured lawn piece by sapphire. Full printed front and back shirt and full straight sleeves. The neckline is round with a slit down the centre. Will look very nice when paired with black trouser women tend to go for. 

Luscious & Chic 

This is a gorgeous one piece outfits in mustard orange a one-piece unstitched embroidered florals in white thread on a maysuri shirt. Ideally paired with white trousers and neutral wedges and styled with an open beach wave hairstyle. 

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Delicately embroidered motifs with mirrors on a culinary mustard canvas in ‘Eveline’.  It is a 3 piece outfit that comes with a paper cotton shirt with 3 front panels and I back panel and full 25 inches sleeves, paired with an artfully illustrated tilla check stripes dupatta in fancy organza and matching mustard lower in paper cotton and a lawn slip. Also included are an embroidered hem Patti and ahem border. This elegant look is a style statement for a formal occasion.

Mustard yellow is a particularly great choice of colour for your outfits and a must-have in your wardrobes when used in combination with various shades of taupe, maroon, burgundy and darker shades of beige, also colours like grey, black and indigo. The darker neutrals really combine well with mustard, creating an energetic, bold and yet elegant style. Designer lawn suits have a lot of variety in shades of mustard in ready to wear and unstitched clothing. So go on ahead and check it out in stores and let’s get ready to welcome autumn in. Hope you love raeding about Colour Of The Month.

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