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Providers of Commercial and Residential Landscape Materials

Rock Pros Landscape Supply is a one-stop shop for all your landscaping needs. From sand to soil, we have it all! Come visit our store in Lincoln California today and find out how Rock Pros can make you the envy of every homeowner on the block with stunning landscape designs that will turn heads from miles away; or give us a call and let us do everything right at your doorstep without ever having to leave home – because as they say, “a little work never hurt anybody.” Rock Pros Landscaping supply offers comprehensive services which include: sand, flagstone/soil supplies. Whether you are completing small residential projects or extensive commercial project(s) – We offer complete design assistance whether its help buy materials or input on material choice. Read about Commercial and Residential Landscape Materials below.


Utility sand is typically not used in decorative projects such as paving, but may be utilized in pipe bedding and paver bases where a distinctive finish is not necessary. Plaster sand can also be found filling the space between wallboard or plaster to give it strength during installation. Mason Sand that we sell has a bright white color which blends well with plaster when making concrete borders for lawn mowing areas – perfect if you’re looking to improve your personal property!


Rock Pros Landscape supply, as a leading supplier of flagstone in Oregon and Washington is proud to provide you with all the colors that can be found across the West Coast. With many different varieties such as Ebony Black, Quartzite Sandstone or Slate they are sure to have what your project needs. Ebony black? Oregon Eagle? You’ll find these types of flags at Rock Pro’s landscaping supply! But not only do they offer their own line-ups for projects; there are also quarries where other colors like quartzite sandstones or slates may be acquired through time spent quarrying natural deposits from around Western North America! Rock Pros Landscape Supply has a diverse assortment of flagstone for any landscaping project you have in mind. Ebony Black, Oregon Eagle, Quartzite, Sandstone and Slate are all types available with even more colors to choose from! Rock quartzite is an especially unique type of sand stone that’s heat-treated into crystals!


With Rock Pros Landscape Supply, you’ll never be stuck with a dry or barren yard. We have sand and gravel for your sandbox needs as well as screen topsoil to plant the perfect trees in any location that’s right for them. Our 50/50 blend is made especially for when you need soil that drains but still stays wet enough to grow whatever plants are placed on it best – whether they’re vegetables, fruit-bearing annuals or perennials! Whatever your planting desires may require of their dirt family member, we’ve got what will work out just perfectly from our vast selection of soils at Rock Pros Landlight Supply!

Rock Pros Landscape Supply is the best place to buy landscaping supplies. You’ll find everything you need, and it’s all affordable! Plus with our friendly staff on hand, we can help make your dreams for a beautiful outdoor space come true. Stop by Rock Pros in Lincoln today; what are you waiting for?

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