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Debunking the Most Common Myths That Exist About Home Windows

The number of residential windows and doors shipped in 2020 was 1 million units higher than in 2019. Are you among the many Americans looking for new windows? Read about Common Myth About Home Windows below.

Home windows are a big investment. You want to choose the best windows for your home. You can start by making sure you’re getting the right information.

Find out why you shouldn’t believe six of the most common myths about home windows. You’ll be a more informed consumer when you choose your new windows.

Myth #1: Replacement Windows Are Different From New Construction Windows

In fact, it’s the installation process for replacement windows that’s somewhat different from new construction windows. Replacement windows and new windows are both available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials. They both help regulate the temperature inside your home and can save you money on your utility bills.

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are also called insert replacement windows or retrofit windows. They replace the current windows in your home. The home window installer will place the replacement window into the existing window frame.

New Windows

New construction windows are intended for new homes or additions. They can be a good choice if you’re doing deep remodeling. If an existing window is badly damaged, a new window may be the best option.

New construction windows have a nail-fin frame. This allows the home window installer to nail the windows directly to the home’s framing.

Installing new construction windows in your existing openings isn’t usually recommended. The installation is more difficult. It requires cutting back the siding material and removing the old frames. which could damage the area surrounding the window.

Myth #2: You Can’t Replace Windows in the Winter

It seems obvious that replacing your windows in the winter would be a bad idea. Who would want to leave their home open to the elements in the coldest part of the year?

Actually, a quality home window company will take steps to protect you and your home from the cold. The window replacement professionals will replace one window at a time.

They’ll close the room where they’re working to minimize temperature changes. Then, the home window specialists will work quickly and efficiently. Each window frame is open for only a few minutes.

Scheduling your window replacement for the off-season could save you money. Some contractors offer discounts for winter installations. If you want to sell your home, replacing the windows in the winter means your home will be ready for the spring selling season.

Myth #3: All Home Windows Are the Same

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with information about the different types of home windows. You may start to wonder if all decent-quality windows are really basically the same, and all the rest is just the sales pitch.

In fact, the different options for home windows can bring you different benefits. For example, windows with an Energy Star certification are better for insulating your home. Vinyl windows need less maintenance than wood ones.

Click here for a free online calculator to help find the best replacement windows for your home.

Myth #4: You Can’t Replace Wood Windows With Vinyl (or Vice Versa)

Whether your old windows were wood or vinyl, you can choose either style of window to replace them. A quality home window company can fit any window frame with a different style of window.

Wood used to be the most popular choice for windows. Vinyl has many advantages to consider, though.

Vinyl windows are water-resistant and safe. They don’t need regular maintenance like wood windows do. If you like the look of wood, you can usually choose windows with a woodgrain interior finish option.

Myth #5: Windows Don’t Make Much Difference for Energy Efficiency

Your windows can contribute to high heating and cooling bills for your home. Of course, if you get new windows but your doors are still drafty, your energy use may not decrease very much.

However, if your home has good insulation and your other energy-efficiency projects are on track, new windows can save you money on energy. Replacing single-pane windows with Energy Star certified windows can save you between $101 and $583 per year. You can save money if even if your old windows were double-pane windows.

Low emissivity (low E) glass is an energy-efficient option you’ll often find on Energy Star certified windows.

Low E glass has a coating that reflects heat from the sun. It blocks infrared and UV rays to keep your home’s interior cooler. The coating also reflects the warm or cool air inside your home back inside.

Even if you don’t choose Energy Star certified windows, look for home windows with argon gas between the panes. Argon is denser than air, so it improves insulation.

Myth #6: Replacing Your Own Windows Is a Good Way to Save Money

Watching how-to videos on window installation can make the process look easy. However, finding replacement windows can be difficult for non-professionals. In addition, specialized tools are often necessary for the installation.

A variety of problems can occur if someone inexperienced tries to install replacement windows.

The windows can easily be misaligned. Damage to the window frame can occur. The insulation will probably not work as effectively.

Installing your own replacement windows is possible, but you’re unlikely to get the results you want.

Choosing Your New Home Windows

A home window specialist can help you find the best home windows for your situation. You’ll benefit from quick, expert installation by a professional home window installer.

You’ll soon feel the difference inside your home, and you’ll enjoy the lower energy bills. Take the first step toward new windows today.

Check out the rest of our articles to learn what other myths you can put aside! Hope you love raeding about Common Myth About Home Windows.

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