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How is Communal Block Cleaning Benefits Residents, Landlords and Property Management Companies?

Commercial cleaning contracts are tailored individually, tasks vary from block to block. Read more about “Communal Block Cleaning Benefits”


Many freeholders, lanlords or property managers trying their best to manage residential development by hiring block cleaners in London.  This task isn’t easy for both sides, and it need a lot of devotion and professionalism in conducting bespoke: managing and communal area cleaning. Shared communal parts in residential blocks must meet minimum accepted cleaning standards.

Neglected communal parts are superior deal to fight off, as substandard cleaning levels of corridors, lobbies, hallways and staircases can create hazard environment to wellbeing of occupants

This problem can be resolved by taking turns with dear neighbours to upkeep the internal and external communal parts clean. And, if the clean is done from block cleaning company in London what should you do if the performance of your contractor isn’t up to expected standards?

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Why Hire Property Management Cleaning Company?

Commercial cleaning contracts are tailored individually, tasks vary from block to block, specific set out clauses in the lease and the type of nature of the specific management agreement. The leaseholders monthly service charge provides cover for any cost of the block cleaning services, but it’s always worth checking comprehensively to see what exactly is included within the cleaning agreement.

Typically, many contract have a part where cleaning and maintenance contract comes under freeholders or landlord’s obligations, but they can outsource the contract to a third party cleaning services provider. For instance, a parking lot sweeping company should be hired to thoroughly keep the parking lots clean.

What are the main areas for block cleaning?

  • shared hallways,
  • corridors and reception areas
  • stairwell
  • lifts
  • communal gardens
  • parking lots
  • walkway paths
  • bike stores
  • meeting rooms
  • washroom facilities

How Professional Communal Block Cleaning is Provided?

Different communal parts of residential blocks have different requirements. The exact requirements are comprehensive and vary for every property.  Tsks depend mainly on the size of the building, architecture,  prolific fixtures and  how they are used. For an example take out flooring: is it carpeted, wooden or tiled?

Number of residents using the common parts ? Is there a lot of internal doors, glass doors, basic windows, top to bottom windows or are there other specific fixtures that can gather leaves, bird droppings, dust, fluff, fingerprints, grime etc.?

For that reason, to ensure the right job is being outsourced to the right commercial cleaning contractor, all depends from the property management company experience and the strategy plan they have, the arrange and provide assistance for the property to appear spick and span:

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What is Communal Block Cleaning Checklist?

Once the property managers sign up with the new communal area cleaning company, they are managing the building professionally. This is because  an agreed detailed cleaning checklists has been approved between the managers , landlord and the supplier. Then the services are good to resume. A site survey from the supplier is essential and it would form great picture of all niceties, any specific requirements within the building and surrounding areas.

The agreed block cleaning checklist will underline out what, how, when and how often block requires cleaning.

The cleaning checklist may have to get amended from time to time or have annual updates and reviews. This is to make sure that required tasks list are up to the tasks, they are the right ones and are executed safely  for the premises and its residents.

  • Thorough dusting
  • Vacuum clean different floors
  • General dusting skirting boards
  • Wiping entry glass door
  • Cleaning lift
  • Polishing lift
  • Mop all floors
  • Mop external patio
  • Cleaning bin store
  • Sweeping bin store
  • Disinfecting bin store 
  • Car park litter pick
  • Sweeping walkways
  • Cleaning walkways during leafing season
  • Dusting picture frames
  • Polishing banister
  • Cleaning stairwell 
  • Replacing  light bulbs
  • Putting away leaflets
  • Putting away newspapers left on floors
  • Wiping down post boxes
  • Clearing cobwebs internally
  • Report any problems to property managers
  • Respect residents in
  • Be friendly with outside visitors
  • Deodorise communal areas
  • Sign the attendance sheet for record
  • Annual carpet cleaning 
  • Annual jet wash
  • Annual spring cleaning
  • Spot wall cleaning 

Tips: Poor block cleaning of your building can really get out of hand. Thus will downgrade the property state, condition and cleanliness. Not following simple rules, regulations and directives can escalate the problems into a major health and safety hazards. This will jeopardise the well-being of all occupants living the building. Major point is the bin room where correct rubbish disposal is needed.

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If disobeyed health hazard for residents are imminent. When leaving rubbish bags in shared areas or blocking fire escapes, this is serious problems too.  Such an action might attract insects, vermin and more. Also it is breach of fire regulations. This will be great slipping and tripping hazard.  Also by doing this every carpeted floor will be polluted, stained.  Wooden or vinyl flooring will get grimy and sticky. So our tip is to avoid doing all of the above.

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