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Constantly Clearing Throat

A majority of people will clear their throat every now and then. Sometimes, it’s as a reaction to irritations and other times, it’s an everyday habit. The frequent clearing of the throat could be due to a medical issue.

The person might be able to clear their throat frequently due to the sensation that something is getting stuck or tickling inside the throat. The sensations may occur even if there isn’t anything there.

The process of clearing the thrombus itself isn’t a medical issue, but it may be a sign of one.

This article will look at the possible causes for regular throat clearing. We also outline the best times to visit a doctor and the general treatment options.

Postnasal drip

The throat, sinuses, and nose all make mucus, which a person typically swallows without conscious thought. When mucus begins to build up or drip into the back of the throat, medical term for this is postnasal dripping.

Postnasal drip is caused by allergies, infections, and acid reflux. One may also experience other symptoms, like:

A sore throat

Speech that is raspy

frequent swallowing


Treatment of the causes for postnasal drip may be a great method to decrease throat clearing and other signs. The treatment options could include:

antihistamines for sinus and nasal allergies

antibiotics to treat antibiotics for bacterial infections

anti-acids and H2 receptor blockers along with proton pump inhibitors to treat acid reflux

Other suggestions for relieving postnasal drip include keeping hydrated, using decongestants, nasal sprays, as well as saline irrigation techniques.

Acid reflux

A particular type of reflux known as laryngopharyngeal (LPR) which is also referred to as silent reflux usually results in frequently clearing of the throat.

LPR results from acid produced by the stomach flowing back into the esophagus, and then into the pharynx and larynx which causes irritation to the throat.

According to an article from review by reviewTrusted Source, as high as 60 percent of patients suffering from stomach acid reflux (GERD) have signs of LPR.

Other symptoms of LPR could be:


Trouble with swallowing

A sore throat


Therapy for LPR is similar to that of GERD and includes drugs like antacids and H2 receptor blockers, as well as proton pump inhibitors.

Lifestyle changes are also essential to manage the symptoms of a person. They include:

Maintaining the right weight

Quitting smoking tobacco products

Avoiding foods that cause symptoms

Limiting alcohol consumption

Nasal Allergies

Allergies are caused when the body’s immune system reacts when exposed to certain substances known as allergens. They are typically non-toxic.

The most common triggers of allergies to the nose are dust, pollen and animal dander.

Nasal allergies can cause an excess production of mucus, which may result in regular throat cleansing.

Other signs of throat allergies are:

A blocked nose or a nasal runny

eyelids are watery or itchy.



There are a variety of treatments for nasal allergies include:


Corticosteroid nasal sprays


allergy shots, which help to build tolerance to certain allergens.

Additionally, one can lessen or even eliminate their symptoms by avoiding allergens that are well-known.

Problems with swallowing

Problems swallowing can be caused by disorders of the nervous system or structural problems in the body. In addition, difficulty swallowing can result in irritation of the throat as well as frequent clearing of the throat.

If someone is having trouble swallowing, they could also be experiencing:




The risk of choking during eating


The treatment for difficulties swallowing is based on the cause , but could be accompanied by speech therapy.


Doctors often prescribe angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors to treat high blood pressure.

These medications can trigger nasal congestion and postnasal drip and some people respond to the condition by clearing their throat regularly.

There are no studies that have identified whether the clearing of throats is an normal result of ACE inhibitors.

However, researchTrusted Source indicates that as high as 15 percent of patients who are taking these medicines suffer from chronic cough. The cause behind the cough could lead to the development of nasal congestion as well as postnasal drip or frequent throat clearing.


Anyone who is experiencing a worrying or unpleasant side effect from medication must consult your doctor. They may suggest reducing the dose or switching treatment.

The ic disorder

Tics are sudden, repetitive sound, twitches or movements that a person is unable to control.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source there are three primary kinds of tic disorders:

persistent motor or vocal tic disorder

Tic disorder that is not a tic

Syndrome of the Tourette

According to a study conducted in 2015 the clearing of the throat is among the five most frequent signs of the tic disorder. The reason for this is unknown however, these conditions tend to be prevalent in families and are more prevalent among males.

Other signs of tic disorders may vary widely, but could include:

frequent blinking

head jerking

Sound repetition or word

Snapping fingers with your fingers


Treatment is contingent on the kind of disorder and severity of the person’s symptoms. However, medications as well as treatment for behavioral issues can be helpful.

Vocal cord increases

If abnormal growths, such as nodules, polyps, or cysts, develop on the vocal cords it may feel like something is trapped in the throat’s back. The causes of these growths could be:

Smoking tobacco


excessively straining or overuse of the vocal cords by excessive vocalization or shouting

often or intensely coughing


The signs of growths within the vocal cords could also be:


a scratchy voice


discomfort in speaking


The first step is to ensure that a doctor will treat the cause that is the primary causes of the growths. They might then recommend surgery to remove the growth that is too big or is not responding to treatment. Certain people may require speech therapy.

When should I consult a physician

In the event that frequent throat clearing causes anxiety or discomfort the doctor may assist.

Consult a doctor if frequent throat clearing occurs with:

A feeling that there is something stuck inside your throat

chronic coughing


getting a new prescription

The doctor will take the medical history of the patient and conduct an exam for physical examination to determine the root of the problem. Finding out the cause is the first step to determining the best treatment.

General Treatment

The clearing of the throat usually requires treatment when it becomes painful or producing discomfort. The most effective way to lessen or avoid the symptom is to treat the root cause.

Some prevention and treatment tips to prevent frequent throat clearing are:

drinking plenty of fluids to keep your throat hydrated that can help relieve or diminish the sensation that something has gotten stuck within the throat.

drinking hard candies

eating and chewing slowly when someone has trouble swallowing

by using a humidifier at office or at home to ensure that the air is kept humid, which can aid in reducing irritation to the throat

trying to cleanse the throat gently , and frequently to prevent harm to the vocal cords


The clearing of the throat is a natural reaction to irritation to the area or sensation there is something stuck at the throat’s back. It could also be an intentional or subconscious habit.

Clearing of the throat frequently can indicate a health issue. Possible causes include acid reflux, nasal allergies vocal cord growths and tic disorders.

If symptoms continue to be uncomfortable, seeing a physician could be beneficial. The treatment depends on the root cause drinking lots of fluids and eating hard candy may help.

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