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Copywriting Trends: How Experts Will Write in 2021?

Copywriting is understood too voluminously and controversially to designate something specific. Read about Copywriting Trends in 2021.


Copywriting is understood too voluminously and controversially to designate something specific. These are selling mailings, long reads, and sales scripts for chatbots. And an article about the best last-minute deals in December too. It is only exact that copywriting trends as a text tool are inseparable from marketing trends in general.

The copywriter has tasks in any new direction or trend topic. The application of competencies is changing quite quickly: online schools are developing, but the boom of texts for ICOs has passed, and the request for a “copywriter about cryptocurrencies” falls along with the bitcoin rate.

The skill of writing in an engaging, understandable, and structured way will never become outdated. So it’s worth pumping it regardless of trends, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

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Copywriting Trends

Let’s talk about specific trends in copywriting. If you are sure that everything is not so, tell us how it is. Help us not to miss out on the hottest trends!

The trend is to learn to write well.

In general, entrepreneurs will write more and more themselves: it’s more honest, more useful, and cheaper than delegating. Hence and a steady trend towards teaching writing in general, storytelling, and personal branding.

More and more people want to buy from a person, even buying from a company – there is a need to first “talk” in the content format.

Do-it-yourself marketing is also trending. Less money, bones are cut – the crisis continues. User confidence in advertising and content is decreasing because every year, the Internet’s audience is growing and more and more versed in marketing techniques.

Take the same storytelling – it has become a banal lead to sales, and you can see it. What to do next? The recipe is the same: write more and write better. That is, make more touches, gain customer confidence, sell with text.

Auto funnels, chatbots

Selling copywriting techniques will find their place in the still trending auto funnel story. Writing a script for a chatbot in simple language, with an understanding of the client’s pains and needs – is it not an ordinary task for a marketing copywriter?

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Voice search

With the release of Alice and Yandex. With the USA’s station and the widespread proliferation of virtual assistants in smartphones, more and more requests will be made through voice search. There is already a trend to adapt SEO copywriting to the language of voice queries. People are looking more and more by voice, and the content for such requests is different from the range for suggestions from the keyboard.

SEO copywriting, content projects

I studied SEO predictions and found out that seasoned SEOs agree on three things.

First: content for article sites in 2021 should be exclusively expert. The expert does not mean the signature of a well-known speaker under the article, but the completeness of disclosing information and comprehensive answers to user requests. It is easier to produce expert content if you assemble a team of high-quality authors and occupy a specific niche.

People are always looking for useful information. But robots have also learned to rank content by usefulness. Already, low-quality content on medical sites is being cut mercilessly, and in 2021 they will come for legal portals. According to SEO experts, robots will learn how to determine rewrites of the first page of search results, and the system itself will finally cut low-quality articles.

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Second: you need to work more for Google. Now, the share of Google is 90%.

And the third: is the adaptation of content in general for mobile devices. Their share will only grow. Let’s add a bonus to the still actual sharpening of the text under the LSI copywriting rules.

Instagram, YouTube – new text platforms

Instagram continues to mutate, and the long text trend will continue. As Insta-marketer Daria Manelova told us, “Insta-texts” is a separate direction in copywriting. This has long been a specialization, like landing pages or long reads.

Text blogs have appeared and will continue to develop on YouTube. These are posts where popular (over 10 thousand subscribers) bloggers can share their thoughts and tell the filming details. You can repost your text content there, but, most likely, your tricks will appear in the submission and layout.

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Videos and articles

In content promotion, there is a steady trend towards the transition to video format. It is getting easier to shoot video, and more and more people are watching it thanks to the excellent connection everywhere. If not watching, listen in the background. With YouTube Premium, you can now listen to videos in a minimized tab, even from your phone. Therefore, writing skills come in handy when writing texts for videos and repackaging videos into articles or presentations.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has experienced a surge in interest and frustration. It turned out that if you do the same good old blog without a strategy, it will bring about the same result without crops and budgets. Content marketing is not a cheap anti-crisis miracle tool as dreamed of.

Nevertheless, people will continue to promote useful content because whatever you call it, it has always worked and will work. The trend in content marketing is external publishing.

This shareware (“write a cool article yourself and offer it to the publication”) tool can give a lot, even to microbusiness. So far, the trend is holding back reverence for the big names of publications and a lack of understanding of how to “enter” foreign, “cold” readers.

Of course, it is not enough to write an article and suggest VC. You need to make sure that she fires and then squeezes the maximum out of the publication. So, again go to the content or PR agencies or see our copywriting course now.

The channels are getting more mixed. If online text schools turn into picture-based Instagram, traditionally “content” psychologists make landing pages, and teenagers (as many still mistakenly think) promotes a powerful editor for long reads, can we talk about a particular trend channel? Telegram? Despite all the prohibitive PR, he has remained more of a niche story for marketers and the digital community. And messengers, in general, have long become a curse and tired of it.


In recent years, storytelling has turned from an eternal natural reception into a thing in itself. An overly mechanical approach and mass adoption have deprived storytelling of the status of a new “magic tablet for text sales.” But the skill of telling stories is useful even in outdoor surveillance so that storytelling will be reborn. Perhaps in 2021, we will see a new version of the fascinating narrative.

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