Corona Checklist – No Need to Scare if You Pass this Checklist

Corona Checklist – No Need to Scare if You Pass this Checklist


Corona is not as dangerous as media spread lies everywhere. You can simply follow this Corona Checklist to find if you are in danger or not?


First of all, everyone needs to know that Corona is a dangerous disease. Most people in the world are talking about less death compared to other common diseases every year. For example, more than half a million people die every year because of the flu as per WHO. Millions of more people die because of some other diseases, but no one talks about it like Corona.

Why Corona is different from all those diseases if we talk about the death rate compared to patients? It spreads from one person to another, which is not possible in all those diseases at this rate. It means you cant finish Corona from our world because of many reasons. You need to disinfect every part of the world at the same time to get rid of it, which is not possible.

The primary purpose is to explore all options to find out how you can save yourself from Corona? Corona is not as dangerous as the media trying to present to you. If you pass this checklist, there is no need to worry about even you get infected. Share it with everyone if you agree with different points added to our list. Do you know that most counted patients are not even feeling anything at all & recovered from Corona?

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Corona Checklist

If you follow the below schedule and completely pass all points, you can travel the whole world without any fear. Corona is not dangerous for you.

1- Age Matters

What is Your Age? Corona effects badly if your age is above 50+ & includes most deaths so far as per the CDC. Many people of the younger generation are also died because of this virus. But there are fewer chances, and it’s not the biggest threat to young people.

Congratulation if you pass this point on the base of your age. Older people are fragile because of their age & each passing time makes them more vulnerable against any disease.

But you must start worrying if you are old enough and vulnerable against Corona as per the CDC (50+). It’s also a big point of concern if one of your friends & family member is above 55 to easily be affected by Corona to a worse situation.

2- Effected by any Other Disease

Corona can become very deadly if you are already suffering from any other diseases in the past. It does not matter if you are very young or healthy because Corona can provide fuel for that disease. There are many possibilities of what will happen if you get infected with Corona after fighting against Cancer or specially any lung disease.
Congratulation if you pass this point on the base of your previous medical history. The death of most young people is because of their medical history. You can feel significant relief after looking at your medical history because Corona is not the biggest threat to your life.
If you ever get sick because of any disease that can weaken your body system, Corona can become deadly for you. It’s hard to predict if you will die from Corona’s first or dead awakening of that old disease. Look around and make sure all of your friends and family members with previous medical history are safe.

3- Food and Exercises Matters

Food can affect any human body structure for a long time. For example, you will get more strength and stamina if natural food is part of your daily routine. But after eating junk food & different kinds of fast food, you already made your body vulnerable to Corona. With continue exercises, you can improve your stamina and resistance power against any disease, including Corona.

Congratulations on passing this point; if your food was perfect naturally made in the last few years, routine exercises are part of your life. Your resistance power, stamina & strength is the most effective medicine to win a war against Corona these days. Junk food & lack of proper exercise in your life can make you weak like older people. You can understand this process with an example of old stories. Read the Washington Post article to understand it with full details.

Its Biggest concern for those people of all ages who never try to connect their life to nature. They look robust, but their body from the inside is fragile. That junk food can only satisfy human needs, not provide them with the natural strength of that level required to fight diseases like Corona. Exercises are also essential because they keep humans too healthy on all levels.

For example, some people never do any hard work in their life. These people are unable to perform any task properly if it involved any physical work. Without hard work or exercises, we are making our body lazy and weak. If you cant run for more than 2,3 minutes without feeling any terrible breathing effects, that’s a big concern for you to defend against Corona.

4- Quarantine Preparation

Humans can’t prevent the spread of the Corona Virus with strict Lokcdonw. Everyone should prepare for Quarantine in their home with a basic plan to follow all the time. There is no guarantee of your safety from Corona because of Masks or the following of “Complete Stay Home Order.”

Congratulation on passing this point if you already prepared a perfect plan for Quarantine and how to deal with Corona. How to prepare for Coronavirus & trounce it after getting infected? As per media reports or World Meters, over 2.5 million active cases in the USA & 5 million were able to recover successfully. Why don’t you ask these people? They must have followed some strategy after getting infected to survive.

You should start worrying if you never think about Quarantine in-home or steps to follow after getting infected. Corona cant becomes deadly if you are strong enough to fight it, but someone around you may not survive. Prepare for a strategy to follow for yourself and your family after learning from someone who already stays. We suggest you work on increasing the stamina & strength of yourself and your family. 

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5- Avoid Hospitals

Thousands of people are visiting every day to different hospitals every day or month. No one knows how many of those people are affected by Corona. It’s also not possible for hospitals to disinfect every part all the time. You can get an infection from the Hospital staff itself or some other patients quickly. Chances for that to happen are rare, but there is also no guarantee. Avoid hospitals if it’s not an emergency case or worse situation.
Congratulation on passing this point if you plan to solve simple health issues at home with common treatments to avoid hospitals these days. For example, there is no need to visit the hospital for a seasonal cough or little fever. You can treat it with some simple medicine and also avoid the cold wave.
Without any dangerous disease or accident, you must avoid hospitals. Start worrying if you consider the hospital as your home. Staying away from Hospitals is very important, especially these days because of Corona. For example, you can treat any minor injury at home with basic first aid Training.

6- Avoid Media, Lockdown Cant prevent Corona from Spreading

Media and all Gov are insisting people stay home and avoid meeting with anyone. But spreading of Corona is not possible to avoid by following these protocols. You can look at Pakistan or Sweeden, where the level of spread of the Corona Virus is deficient without strict lockdown. On another site, look at the USA & UK, where Corona spreads fast after a very strict lockdown. These lockdowns only destroy the economy and stop people from living in everyday life.
Congratulation to pass this point if you are still living an everyday life without any worries. You must meet with family members, friends and visit anyone you possibly want in the world. There are a lot of methods to avoid getting infected, such as masks. Start living a life you deserve & stop listening to pathetic media.
Start worrying if you are stuck at home & very scare to go outside. This kind of situation can have a terrible effect on your health. Many people are not able to feed their families properly because of no jobs available to them. But many people already avoid getting jobs because of their fear of the Corona Virus.

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Some hidden powers are indeed trying to shut down the whole world for their benefits. Few rich people already earn billions from previous Lockdowns. How it’s possible? All of this money was supposed to divide among millions of people worldwide because of jobs and different businesses. Now people are jobless, and a few wealthy people become more affluent.
This checklist is straightforward and created based on hundreds of different articles written all over the internet. We try our best to present you with a detailed list with fewer complications to understand it. We can include more options in the article if you suggest some.


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