Corona Vaccine – Brutal Facts – Why Its Key to End Corona War?

Corona Vaccine

Read about Brutal Facts about Corona Vaccine that will open your eyes, and you may never sleep well after reading this article.


Corona is a spreading disease from one human to another at a rapid speed. Millions of people are already affected by it, and it’s getting worse even after one year. But there are some troubling questions that no one can answer. In this article, some crucial points will steal your sleep away from you. Read about why “Corona Vaccine” is the end game to this massive war against humans by few secret powers?

Important Points

Concept of Corona Waves and Secret Behind it

What is the concept behind the 2nd wave, 3rd, 4th, and 5th waves? It’s trending news on almost all media globally about 2nd wave, 3rd wave, and similar concepts. They will tell you that now everything is under control because of strict lockdown and people’s behavior. But this virus started to spread when lockdown ends, and people started to ignore everything. But trust me, that’s a useless argument.

Why are there no waves in other countries like China, and why it’s not affecting that much deadly to countries with 0 health care systems? Can you understand it with the example of Pakistan? There are 600k cases in the last year affected by Corona with over 216 million of population. Why are there no deaths and thousands of patients per day because of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th waves?

After carefully reading about Pakistan’s health care system, we realize that it’s one of the worst in the world. Millions of people don’t have access to good hospitals, thousands of people die every year because of no health care system—another critical point to notice, and that’s no lockdown there. Millions of people don’t give a crap about Corona and live happy, everyday lives without a proper corona vaccine or health care system.

Why are these waves only affecting America and Europe, not developing countries? Because people of these countries are chosen to be slaves first, and that’s the deadly truth behind this fake virus.

Is Vaccine Safe for Humans?

Different companies claim to provide this vaccine with 80-95% results and trying to sell it to everyone possible. But there are two different types of effects on humans because of this vaccine that you must know. First of all, some people already die in just a few hours, days, or weeks after injecting this vaccine. Second, there are long-term effects that you may face after years, like sterilization possibly.

It’s a medical fact that almost every new vaccine needs to be tested on animals first. They usually kill a few thousand and millions of animals and started to try it on humans. After killing a lot of animals, there is still no guarantee for humans to survive. Now they need to kill few humans and sometimes a lot in different cases.

Now, if five companies are providing this corona vaccine, that means they already kill thousands of animals and many humans or not? Are they just started to test this vaccine directly on humans? How can you trust a vaccine without any guarantee of results and effects on humans?

They talk about a new kind of strain of coronavirus these days started from the Uk. So this vaccine is for which type of coronavirus? If a different kind of corona may spread tomorrow, they will create another vaccine or what? But it is true that without this vaccine, you must forget about living everyday life. Why are they so insisting on this vaccine?

Why they Need Fake Stats?

There are two essential reasons behind coronavirus; you can consider that they never let corona go away like China, as the main points. First of all, they want everyone to take their vaccine. The second reason is to control people, how everyone lives, travel and whatever possible.

Is it possible for them to fulfill their targets if only a few people die and less spread the virus? Who will accept to take this vaccine if there are just a few % of patients in the whole country and less counted deaths. For example, there are 600K patients in Pakistan and over 216 million of the population. Who is stupid enough in Pakistan to accept this vaccine when infected people are just less than 1% of the whole people and 99% already recovered?

They need to use fake counts for deaths and patients, which you can see here in the USA and Europe. Now they can force people to take the vaccine because their counted numbers are too high that it looks like millions will die without a vaccine.

Next Level of Slavery for Humans

Do you believe that slavery from the human world is ended? Still, there are billions of slaves everywhere on this planet, but now the name for slavery changed. With the help of coronavirus, they are now able to enslave humankind at a different level.

First, they can easily insert a mini chip that will control humans. With corona, they already destroyed everything like jobs, business, and everyday life. Now they can easily use this kind of chip predicted and planned by Bill Gates for years. He was the one who already indicates this kind of virus years ago. You can hear about Corona Passport, and that means you cant buy anything from stores, travel, go to the hospital, or almost anything without taking Corona Vaccine.

They get full power to arrest anyone in the name of coronavirus, shut down any part of any country because the virus is spread, and much more. It means now they have too much power over humans compare to the past.


Can you sleep well after unable to find answers to some questions mentioned in this article? One of them is terrifying that you must look for answers to it. This virus was started in China, but there are no deadly 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th waves with billions of population? Why only countries like the USA, Europe, and few others face these waves with better technology and resources than China?

In our opinion, they will never end this virus until they inject the vaccine into every human in these countries. Read the full article above again and again, also share with everyone possible, echo too.

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