Correct Way To Wear Your Wedding Rings – Why We Must Follow Proper Order?

Jewelry is something that defines your style. It represents your personal way of accessorizing. Read Correct Way To Wear Wedding Rings.


Jewelry is something that defines your style. It represents your personal way of accessorizing. And when it comes to Wedding Ring for Her, you know how special it is.

Wedding Ring or as a couple these days love buying, Diamond Wedding Rings are exchanged by the couple at the time of their Wedding, during/after taking vows. A wedding ring is a symbol of lifelong commitment and a promise of love and fidelity. 

But the question arises, what to do and where to wear Engagement Ring once you get Married? Which Wedding Ring Design and Wedding Ring Style should one choose that complements already existing Engagement Ring?


The question doesn’t end here; nowadays, couples like to get their rings Customize, so whether to design your own Ring or buy one you love from the store?

We understand this and are here to guide you to know how to wear a Wedding Ring correctly. 

To Wear Your Wedding Ring correctly and to coordinate it with your Engagement Ring, you have 3 choices: 

Above – Engagement Ring on top of Wedding Ring:

Engagement Ring on top of Wedding Ring

I prefer this order, as it shows the timeline of their relationship, which started with the Engagement Ring and now has the ultimate Wedding stage.

Wedding Ring in this way on the 3rd finger of Left-hand keeps it closest to the heart, while Engagement Ring stays on top (furthest to the finger), as it was given first, considering the sequence. It can also be soldered in the same sequence if you plan to wear it in this particular style forever.  

Below- Engagement Ring in the bottom of Wedding Ring:

Engagement Ring in the bottom of Wedding Ring

Engagement Ring has big precious gem or stone, which one would like to protect, then women can opt for this practical approach, and wear Engagement Ring on 3rd finger of Left hand, below Wedding Band, as to save it from daily wear and tear, scratches and risk of breakage.

If one loves this sequence and wants to wear rings like this, getting it soldered is another great option. 

Rings on entirely different fingers:

Rings on entirely different fingers

If you don’t like wearing two separate Rings or different Ring Styles or Ring designs on one finger, you can separately wear your Diamond Ring. One can wear a Wedding Ring on the 3rd finger of the left hand, and for an Engagement Ring 3rd finger of the Ring hand suits well. 

In this way, you can wear your Wedding Band or Diamond Wedding Ring and Engagement Rings with different Diamond Ring designs and Diamond Ring Style comfortably. 

Buying Correct Diamond Wedding Ring for Her:

When Choosing Diamond Wedding Ring for Her, many things are considered, like Diamond Ring Designs she loves or Diamond Ring styles she is comfortable to wear.


Here are the things to consider:

  • To buy Matching or Different Wedding Rings:

When it comes to buying Wedding Ring, there is no thumb rule. If you want, you can buy matching Wedding Bands with your spouse. If both of you have a different personal style, buying a diamond rings style that differs from one another is okay. 

You can buy this amazing Men’s Wedding band.

Men’s Wedding band - Correct Way To Wear Wedding Rings

If she has a unique taste, a ring for Her can be Lab-created Cocktail Ring like this. 

Lab-created Cocktail Ring

or you can opt for   

Lab-created Cocktail Ring
  • Lifestyle: 

If you and your spouse have a lifestyle and type of job which can damage or increase chances of scratches on your Diamond Wedding Ring, it best to avoid elaborated ones and chose a simple one like this Trilogy ring from Shanti Jewel 

Trilogy ring from Shanti Jewel - Correct Way To Wear Wedding Rings
  • Choose Customization and Design your own Wedding Ring:

We understand that everyone has a unique choice and priority. Be it Diamond Ring Design or Diamond Ring Style or how expensive you want your Wedding Ring to be. 

You can choose Gems from Sapphire to Ruby to Classic diamond and engrave it the metal of your choice, be it yellow gold or Platinum or pretty Rose Gold. Make it unique and ornate or keep it simple and classic; the choice is yours!

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