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Covid-19 And Unemployment: What Can You Do?

Covid-19 is almost finished in most countries and you can see everything going back to normal. This article on Covid-19 And Unemployment can help by providing you with some perfect options to start again.

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Research Which Companies Are Hiring
Get Certifications To Impress
Make A Schedule
Look For Internships
In Summary


Unemployment is an unfortunate consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. The virus has impacted the world’s economy so massively that we will continue to see signs in the next years. But you have to be resilient during these times and know how to control the situation. 

Being unemployed can happen at any time, so knowing how to confront it will help you now, and any time this happens in the future. The most important part is to change the situation and find a new job, even one better than the one you lost. So, this is what you can do right now. 


Because you aren’t the only one going through a rough patch due to Covid-19, many organizations are providing resources to help people in need. First and foremost, you should file for unemployment benefits and use the government’s help. These benefits are a right, and the extra money will help you survive until you find a new job. 

The unemployment benefits vary from each state, and if the person has dependents or not. Just apply, and if your job suffered because of the pandemic, you are likely to qualify for it. Another option is to look for non-profits that are offering help right now. Many are giving food, financial aid, and even help you find a new job.

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Lastly, look for resources online that will help you prepare for finding a new job. Most job searching platforms like Indeed and Glassdoor offer Covid-19 resources with info on preparing for virtual interviews and improving your resume. The Department of Labour also put together a website with all the possible information you could want, either to find a new job or to change careers. 

Another powerful resource is Career Karma, which not only has numerous articles like free coding courses or how to prepare for an interview, but it is also a community on its own for anyone wanting to break into tech. Like these websites mentioned here, hundreds of platforms offer help during these hard times, so take advantage of the resources available. 

Research Which Companies Are Hiring

One of the essential parts of looking for a new job is to research different companies; you apply to those you are more interested in. However, now is a hard time for many companies, and with the economy getting worse, not many are hiring new employees. So start researching which companies are hiring to target your applications to them. 

Some sectors that have seen an increase in demand during the pandemic are shipping and delivery, healthcare, e-commerce, online entertainment, and remote team management tools. Anything tech-related is also probably a safe bet because people are using tech now more than ever. 

Glassdoor has a list of 21 companies that are hiring this month that could probably help you. They mentioned companies like Asana, IBM, Citi, Uline, and Cisco. You can easily research which open positions they have and see if you qualify. Amazon is also hiring like crazy and has all kinds of openings from highly technical positions to one that has fewer requirements like warehouse workers. 

Get Certifications To Impress

With all the free time you will find yourself with, it is the perfect moment to learn a new skill to boost your curriculum. You can research which skills are in high demand in your sector and that you lack. There are many options to learn a new skill, from learning on your own to getting a professional certification. 

One skill that is becoming common for everyone to have is tech-savviness. So, learning how to use some digital tools to improve your work performance will be an excellent idea. With these new skills in your curriculum, you will impress potential employers and increase your chances of getting hired.

You can even go further and learn a tech skill, which will almost ensure a job for the next decade. You can research which entry-level tech jobs have the best salaries and which ones suit your personality and current skills best. You could learn a new tech skill in just a few weeks with a coding Bootcamp. Just start now and don’t lose precious time. 

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Make A Schedule

Some people may feel lost or that they don’t have any control over the situation. An option to change this feeling is by creating a schedule to follow every day. By giving your time some structure, you will feel more grounded and like you have stuff to do. Even if your schedule is filled with things like “practice drawing” or “read a book,” you won’t believe the difference it will make.

The essential thing is to keep yourself occupied with activities, preferably some products as well as some recreational ones. Instead of being sleep the whole day and feeling sorry for yourself, keep your mind and body alive with some activity.

Look For Internships

As the last resort, if you still can’t find a job after several interviews, you can apply for an internship. This will at least keep your skills sharp and will give you an opportunity to network in your industry. It may not transform into a job opportunity immediately, but it will probably in the future. 

You can even apply for an internship in that company you always dream of but that you couldn’t qualify before. You will make yourself known to them, and it will give you a chance to demonstrate your abilities. Even if an internship isn’t possible, volunteering has its merits too. 

In Summary

You should use all the tools you have at your disposal, and in these times of social distancing, the Internet is your best friend. First, you should take advantage of all the resources available to help you survive this situation. Then, start researching which companies are in high demand and are hiring like crazy to meet their needs. And don’t forget to prepare your curriculum and your skills to be more attractive to future employers.

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