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Custom Eye shadow Boxes At Cheap Rates for Wholesale

You’ll be amazed when you get to explore the benefits of our custom eye shadow packaging. Read about “Custom Eye shadow Boxes” with details.


The eye shadow box is made to keep eye shadow products. Our manufactured boxes help your product to stand out among others. You’ll be amazed when you get to explore the benefits of our custom eye shadow packaging is capable of providing. Appropriate packaging is as important as manufacturing cosmetic products for customers.

How to apply your eye shadow?

Applying eye shadow is easy, and you have to follow a few steps if you want to use your eye shadow accurately. The eye shadow boxes often have methods to help you apply the eye shadow on your eyes.

Applying eye shadow might look easy, but it might feel like a challenging process once you get started. There might be several questions popping up in your mind, and this guide will answer all those questions for you.

This guide will help you apply eye shadow correctly, even if you have any eye shape. By following these easy steps, you will be able to do your eye makeup like a professional.

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Take great makeup brushes

The makeup brush is one of the essential items to apply your eye shadow the right way. The famous makeup artists never use their fingers to apply eye shadow because they know how essential makeup brushes and tools are.

If you want a hygienic makeup application, then you should invest in some high-quality eye shadow brushes. Luckily the brushes are not that expensive, and you can buy them at a cost-friendly price in the market.

You must prefer a synthetic eye shadow brush because it will help you fill up your entire eye with the eye shadow quickly. These brushes are less expensive, easy to clean, and also don’t cause any allergies.

Apply a base eye shadow to the lid

Use your eye shadow brush and apply the base tone of your eye shadow on your eyes. If you have brown or black eyes, then adding a bit of shimmer to your eyelids will be the right choice. The base eye makeup would depend on the look that you want to give to your eyes.

If you want a Smokey eye makeup, then applying the base color to your brow bone is the best application method. If you plan to give yourself everyday and casual makeup look, you should stop at the crease of your eyes. Apply the base color on the crease of your eye when your eyes are still open.

This will help you to fill up the whole space appropriately. Work towards the lash line and apply the base color so that your overall eye makeup ends up having a good finish. In this way, you will never end up with messy lines and will have firm eye makeup.

Concentrate darker shadow in the eye crease

The dark colors can easily attract light, so you can use a darker tone of eye shadow to make your eyes look more prominent. It can add a lot of dimension and depth that will make your eyes look bigger and attractive. If your eyes have a hooded shape, the upper lid needs to enhance more than usual.

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Applying different shades of eye shadow along the eye socket will make the color disappear. Start spreading the eye shadow with a lighter tone at the base, and the vibrant tones can be used at the upper lids. By using your brush, you can mark the most prominent areas of your eyes.

The darker colors will make it more visible, or you can even make a V shape at the corner of your eye sockets. Give the finishing touch of an eye shadow by smoothing out any hard lines on the eyes and blend evenly.

Color your lash lines with darker shades

Eyeliners have to be applied carefully so your lashes can look thicker and more expansive. If you think that eyeliner isn’t your thing, use a super dark eye shadow. For getting the best of results, you have to use a flat and short bristled brush.

By pressing the colors on the upper eyelids, that’s where your eyelashes begin, and moving towards the lower lash line will be a wise idea. Some people like to wear the eye shadow or liner on the eyes’ innermost rims, but it may irritate your eyes a little.

The pale nude eyeliner or waterline eyeliner will make your eyes look wider, especially if they are small. Choosing waterproof eye makeup will be a wise move as it will stay intact for many hours.

Eye shadow boxes for the safety of eye shadows

Different colors of eye shadows look appealing and attractive to your eyes. The custom boxes made of quality materials will keep them in good quality for the long term. Every woman has to have these eye shadows, enhancing the beauty and shape of the eyes.

Good packaging designs will play a significant role when it comes to increasing sales or attracting customers. If the eye shadow is appealing, everyone will take a look at it without thinking twice when it comes to purchasing.

If the packaging is good, the consumer will perceive that the eye shadows are of good quality. Hope you love reading “Custom Eye shadow Boxes At Cheap Rates for Wholesale”

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