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Customized pocket knife Designed by Best Companion

Shieldon Technology introduces customized pocket knife, designed with an aesthetic look and high-quality material. It was conceptualized by their talented designer Django who boasts great experience in this field. They took their time developing this knife to ensure that it meets people’s specific needs and offers a great service.

The blade features a length of about 97mm or 3.82 inches. The length of this blade allows one to use it in different functions making it quite useful. It is developed using the D2 steel material. This raw material offers a strong and sturdy blade for one to work with.

It is a high-grade option to ensure durability given that it is highly resistant to wear and tear. To top it all off it features HRC values ranging from 58 to 60. This makes the Boa pocket knife a great choice given that the blade stays sharp for longer and is stronger compared to other knives with lower HRC values.

When developing the Boa knife handles, the company ensured that they considered the most important aspects and made sure that the material is of the highest standard, the thickness is on point, and the aesthetic detail is not neglected.

For the handle, they worked with the G10 material given that it is one of the best in the market. They chose this material because it comes with high mechanical strength and great dimensional stability. This means that it will give a quality service and it also adjusts quite well to the temperature changes.

With the handle thickness, they figured having a comfortable feel when using the knife would be the best option. The Boa knife comes with a handle thickness of 14.45 mm or 0.569 inches.

For the aesthetics, they worked with a black color on the handles with a few details on the side featuring some brown and beige colors. These details make the knife stand out and add a great look. 

Boa pocket knife comes with two different open ways that one can work with. This gives one a good choice depending on what exactly they prefer. It features a hole that one can easily use their fingers to open and access the blade and a flip that is also quite easy to use. 

They worked to create great aesthetically pleasing types of pocket knives to meet their needs. One can trust that the quality is of great standard and that it will offer amazing results when in use. Reach out and grab their Boa pocket knife today at a great affordable price. 

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