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Why a Customized Table Runner Is Your Brand’s Most Vital Marketing Tool at Trade Shows

During the pandemic, companies had no choice but to accelerate their digitization efforts. Although a digital-first approach is very important for future-oriented businesses, it’s also very expensive. Read about Customized Table Runner Is Vital Marketing Tool below.

It’s also impossible to rely on digital marketing tools in physical events, trade shows, etc. That’s why using physical marketing tools is still important in this new digital-first reality. In a recent survey, 80% of people stated that they are eager to return to live events.

Does your company have a trade show marketing strategy to appeal to these returning event attendees? If not, cost-effective marketing tools like table runners can be very valuable to your business.

What are Table Runners?

table runner is a piece of single, double, or triple-breasted cloth. They are placed on tables or top of tablecloths. Users can customize them to feature all types of colors, designs, and marketing messages.

Why Should Brands Use Table Runners?

Table runners are attractive marketing tools that draw attention to business booths at trade shows, marketing events, etc. If your company is given a separate space at an event, you should make that space super-appealing. It’s the only way to attract event attendees.

The leading sellers of table runners offer amazing customization options. They can create unique-looking runners that can light up company booths at promotional events. Here are some other reasons why table runners are must-have marketing tools at trade shows –

  • Table Protection:

    Table runners offer additional protection to the tables that different companies are given at brand shows. They ensure wear and tear don’t damage the table or the underlying tablecloths. The risk of spillage or the tables getting dirty are minimal when you use table runners.

  • Generate Brand Awareness:

    Customized table runners can instantly draw the attention of event attendees. They can create focal points at trade shows, making your brand’s logo the center of attention. The extravagance and visual appeal of high-quality table banners make them extremely useful marketing tools.

  • Create Striking Color Combos:

    You can get multi-colored table runners to add color and vibrancy to your trade shows. You can even use the colors of the tablecloths to make your runners look even more appealing. For instance, a dark-colored runner will look amazing on a light-colored tablecloth.

  • Time Efficiency:

    A lot goes on at trade shows. Marketers barely have the time to set up their booths amidst all the communications and chaos. Thankfully, table runners are very easy to set up. Users can lay these cost-effective marketing tools on tables within minutes. They can remove them just as quickly. Cleaning these washing machine-friendly table runners is also very easy.

  • Durable

    : Table runners made of synthetic materials like vinyl are very durable. Businesses can use their customized vinyl table banners at multiple events. Brand representatives can reflect their decoration expertise at multiple events without applying too much effort.

Ready to transform the rusty tables at trade shows into attractive spaces for target customers? Buy a variety of table runners and use them repeatedly at different trade shows and marketing events!

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