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Daily Traffic Checker Tool by Craig Mullins Consulting

Daily Traffic Checker Tool for Checking websites traffic every day helps to discover new metrics and how to break down results.

A Daily Traffic Checker Tool is a tool used for data verification, analysis, and monitoring of website performances.

With the help of a website traffic checker, you can check your website performance, analyze your website traffic (where your traffic is coming from), digital marketing strategies that are functioning, discover new metrics, and check website visitors, competitors, and information about the sources of your users.

Website tracking works by receiving and assembling data and information for website performance and promotion of the website.  

Various website traffic checker tools can be used for gathering and assembling various kinds of data for different purposes. For example search and browser history, location, time, resources, age.

The daily traffic checker tool helps to discover new metrics and how to break down results. It helps to access the power and value of your resource, adjust development designs and marketing strategies, and how to promote products or services to the audience.

Site traffic checker helps to estimate traffic statistics through different channels and it brings the most organic traffic results.

Popular website checkers or tools are:

1. SEMRush

2. Alexa

3. Sitechecker Pro

4. SimilarWeb

5. SerpStat

6. SERanking

7. UberSuggest

8. WebCEO

9. Google Adwords Display Planner

10. Ahrefs

The fact is that you have to regularly check your website stats.

Google Adwords Display Planner

Google ad planner is now Google AdWords display planner. It can be used to know the exact traffic your website is getting. It is a tool to generate unique ideas to target the display network.  It is a form to reach the target-based customers or clients through their interests by linking them directly with the page.

Google AdWords display planner has been designed with connected tools such as contextual targeting tool, placement tool, and Google Ad Planner.

Google is the largest network to provide the most accurate and correct data. Google has a reputation and people trust its reputation.

Google AdWords display planner is a very reliable and trustworthy platform to examine estimated website traffic.

How to Use Traffic Checker Tool

●      Create a website account.

●      Have clear objective data (excellent, insightful data).

●  Customize a tracking code to notice everything important.

Ways to Increase Traffic to your Website

●      Include relevant keywords in your content.

●      Create a resources page: A resource page is a web page that provides valuable information for a specific purpose.

●      Start posting on medium or WordPress.

●      Demand shares for bonus content.

●      Have experts contribute to your post.

●      Write a response post.

●      Run a giveaway contest.

●      Post content on Quora.

●      Have functioning social media pages.

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Importance of daily website traffic checker

1) It helps to enhance your business and Website analysis.

2) It helps to make better business decisions, improve and grow the business.

3) It helps to find answers and also to improve your business capabilities.

 Measures for checking traffic control

●      Number of engagement

●      Number of website visitors

●      Your email subscribers list

●      Capitalize your interest

●      Conversion rate

●      Marketing revenue

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