Amazing popular Flash Game Series – Dead Zed 3

Dead Zed 3 – Popular Flash Gam series where your main target is to kill Zombies coming your way and survive as long its possible.


Introduction to Dead Zed 3
Dead Zed 1 vs Dead Zed 2 vs Dead Zed 3 vs Dead Zed 4
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Introduction to Dead Zed 3

Dead Zed 3 is a flash game which means you can play it in your browser using flash player which is freely available to install. You must defend your base and zombies are coming toward it. Time is very important, you can shoot, kill zombies before they can read to target. The aim of the game is to survive as much as possible.

Players must try to survive for 40 days, kill every zombie coming toward survivors, managing time resources is very important because zombies will come non stop. If you are unable to kill more zombies in less time, you may lose. Weapons are also important in this game, better don’t lose bullets or in simple words hit directly to head for fast results.

The player can also send search parties in different buildings to look for weapons, resources which are important to use in this war. Headshots are important which provides players with more rewards.

The game control system is similar to previous games. Just use the mouse to aim and left click to shoot. Players can zoom n the game and also pause anytime. It’s the best advantage for every player to begin from the same point if they must leave for some time. You can read some more details on their official site and also play games directly there.

Amazing popular Flash Game Series – Dead Zed 3

Dead Zed 1 vs Dead Zed 2 vs Dead Zed 3 vs Dead Zed 4

Dead Zed 1 vs

The first game in series starts with some basics and you can read all information on their site at Dead Zed Official. Time is very important in this game because you need to kill a lot of zombies in less time. In 1st game, you are stuck in the barn with some other survivors waiting for help. Zombies are coming from everywhere to kill you if they reach the barn, its game over for you and others. There is very little difference between all games because the concept is the same everywhere.

Dead Zed 2 vs

You can read info about Dead Zed 2 on their official site. The game is different from 1st one, now you are in a home with a gun. Zombies are coming to attack you and damage home and much more happening around you. This time player is able to send search parties, look for weapons, and upgrade home to survive more time.

The Player’s moral system is also added because of its a very important factor in-game. It can increase when finding new supplies and weapons etc. Range meter is important to factor in this game which you can fill by killing zombies using a headshot. In this feature, players can kill zombies instantly for a short period of time. Weapons are also upgraded and lots of bombs and other varieties are added.

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Dead Zed 4 vs

Dead Zed 4 which you can play on their official site is an advanced version of all previous games. In this shooting game, the player must defend the base against the coming hordes of zombies. They include different levels in this game, each with a different type of zombies and a lot of challenges.

How to Play Dead Zed 3 & other games in series? Play Dead Zed Games Online

There are many sites where you can play this flash game online. We collect with some popular sites, where you can just visit and play each game for free.

Play Dead Zed 3 on Offical

Play Dead Zed 2 on Offical

Play Dead Zed 1 on Offical

Play Dead Zed 4 on Offical

Play Dead Zed on Android – Download for Playstore

Play Dead Zed 1 on Y8

Play Dead Zed 2 on Y8

Play Dead Zed 1 on Armor Games

Play Dead Zed 2 on Armor Games

Play Dead Zed 1 on AGames

Play Dead Zed 2 on AGames

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Play Dead Zed 1 on Miniclip

Play Dead Zed 1 on Poki

Play Dead Zed 1 on Crazy Games

Play Dead 2 Zed on Crazy Games

Play Dead Zed 1 on NotDoppler

Play Dead Zed 2 on NotDoppler

Play Dead Zed 3 on DeadZed Unofficial

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Conclusion for Dead Zed 3

Flash games are very popular always. It’s easy to play simple games with fewer rules and many other reasons make them still top of lists. Dead Zed is the best game in the world and played millions of times online on different sites. They begin with a very simple game, now they are advancing toward the best game in the world of flash games.

You need to kill zombies in-game and the main important factor is time. Getting more time by killing zombies on their heads is important but you should know that weapons or other resources also become important factors in the latest versions. It’s the best choice and the most popular perfect game for you to play if you are interested in games like post-apocalypse zombies etc. Please share this article with everyone.

Everything is explained about this game series with details. You can find a list of links that connect you to sites where you can play. Flash player is required which you can easily download from the Official site of Adobe.

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