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Dealing With a Scumbucket – 3 Valuable Pieces of Advice

We often come across people who are loud, crass, and devoid of any compassion. We often encounter relationship difficulties but don’t know how to deal with them. The first step is to accept that there is a difficult person you don’t like, but you can’t avoid them as well as you have to connect with them professionally at times.

Here are some valuable pieces of advice based on the experience gained over the past many years of dealing with scum buckets. A surprising observation is that you find such people even in groups that otherwise have pretty smart and mature beings. It only goes to prove that toxic people don’t become good individuals in favorable settings. They will never change the way they treat people. Once a scumbucket, they remain that way for the rest of their lives.

Tip 1:

You cannot change a scum bucket. You can only control the way you react to them.

It takes two to tango or fight. In a good or bad relationship, there is always a combo of two. The bad guy here will never see the good side of an argument and spoil all efforts to build a healthy relationship by spilling their toxicity all over. Even if you try to take a couple of steps back and create space between both of you, the scum bucket will hardly care. They have only one intent, and that is to spread hatred and create more trouble. 

Tip 2: Stay Cool – They Feed On Your Reaction

Scumbuckets hate it when you don’t react to their pranks and insults. Your reaction is what they thrive on. So, if you want to gain control over their antics, simply stay cool. Don’t whine, don’t complain. Just ignore and continue as if nothing has happened. Obviously, they will be shocked at first and frustrated as you keep ignoring their taunts. Keep it going, and they will realize they are hitting a dead end. That’s when you win. Remember, they will not give up easily, but you stay cool. Soon they will crumble and scram. 

Tip 3: Don’t Let Their Behavior Affect Yours

It is easy to return fire and shoot down the scum bucket, but they will beat you back with their experience in destructive behavior. A reactive response will only make things worse. A better way of handling the scum bucket is to remain dignified and calm. How you treat them is a reflection of your character. If you too behave disrespectfully, there would hardly be any difference between them and you. When you remain dignified, they are denied the chance to create a conflict. It will make them restless, and they will quickly move on to other, more vulnerable targets.

It is not easy to stick to the above tips, especially if you are dealing with aggressive and abusive scumbuckets. It is a good idea to set behavioral limits. Don’t tolerate violence. But don’t initiate any adverse action from your end. When you ignore them, there is a good chance they will not come in your way again.

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