Covid Year vs. Last 5 Years: Why Death Rate Decreases So Fast?

Death Rate Covid Comparison

Read about “Death Rate Covid Comparison” to find out all possible reasons why the death rate decreased last year? Expose Fake Corona Numbers.


As per popular stat site Index Mundi, You can find details about the death rate per 1000. If you read on the popular news and different media worldwide, it’s easy to understand that they were claiming thousands of extra deaths last year in 2020. 

In this article, you can read about some facts that will open your eyes to lies everyone is saying on media. It’s just exposing Coronavirsu and fake patients or death numbers for you to understand lies.

Can you understand that most of these counted patients already recovered from the corona? Do you know that almost 89% or even more people with corona positive testing never even feel any symptoms at all and recovered from it? Please read the full article to expose these liars and know the truth behind why the death rate decreases compared to their claim of extra death in 2020 and 2021.

Important Points


There was a strict lockdown last year worldwide and decreasing in yearly accidents. As per CDC, over 170000 people die every year because of accidents. What do you think about completely shut down in-country, and it saved thousands of lives or not? Why their death numbers are still so high compare to the last many years?

Food Quality Improves

Because of this virus, people lost their jobs and unable to feed their families properly like before. People spent too much money eating all kinds of junk from restaurants everywhere possible in everyday situations. But now they must save money and eat only necessary healthy food because no one has that many resources anymore. 

It benefits people; it already decreased deaths because of heart attacks and some other reasons caused by junk food. Over half a million people die every year because of just heart attack and some other reasons because of fat caused by this kind of food.

Control in Flu Deaths

It’s important to understand that over 50000 people die because of flu seasons every year in the US, as per the CDC. But because of Corona Virus, people now take care of themself more than in previous years. Thousands of lives are saved because everyone is taking care of themself against Corona, which you can consider more deadly than Normal Flu. 

The truth about Deaths and Patients by Corona

Everyone must understand that most patients who tested positive for corona never felt any symptoms at all. But they spread these numbers in millions everywhere to show that it’s out of our hands. Another truth is that most people are already recovered, but still, these numbers are rising every day thousands. 

On the other hand, what is happening to develop countries? No health care system, no money to spend for corona, people don’t follow any rules to stop the spread of corona, and still why it’s not spreading? In simple words, most numbers are fake created to spread fear.

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