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How to Decorate Your Apartment with Earth Tones? – 5 Tips

Earth tones have always been popular for home decor and lately, they’re making a huge comeback. Read Decorate Apartment with Earth Tones.


When you walk into your apartment after a long day, you want to feel the embrace of a warm and inviting space, don’t you?

Creating this atmosphere takes some time and thought into what you put in each room. 

One of the essential elements for building a specific look is the color palette. For a warm, welcoming appeal, earth tones are the way to go. But you have to do them right, or “welcome” becomes “blah.”

There’s a psychology behind colors that researchers have studied for centuries. It’s why you’ll often see whites and very light greens in healthcare and healing facilities.

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In places that encourage creativity, you’ll see a lot of blue in use. Reds or purples will feature where the intent is to make the occupant feel powerful.

From grays and tans to the right blues and reds, these tips will teach you how to use earth tones to their maximum potential. You’ll have a calm, relaxing space to come home to in no time!

1. Watch the Undertone

Picking your earth shade has nuances you have to consider. 

One of the most common questions people starting out have is, “Are earth tones warm or cool?”

The answer is that it depends on the undertone of the color you pick. 

The color you choose will almost always have some kind of undertone unless it’s totally neutral.

Do you want to create a space that’s soothing and inviting, like in the bedroom and living room? 

Then you need earth shades with warm undertones. 

These are hues that have a little bit of brown or tan in them. They’re usually matte or flat, with undertones of peach, yellow, or gold in them.

Cool undertones are popular for the kitchen and bathroom. You can take the same color you picked for the living room and make it “cool” by switching the undertone to something with a pink or blue hue.

2. Match the Shade to Your Style

Changing your home’s color doesn’t mean you need to revamp the decor scheme you have entirely. Just make sure the shades match your current style.

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For instance, rustic interior decor needs a strong earth tone to complement it, like deep reds and blues. 

You won’t want to use those same colors if you’re aiming for a natural or minimalistic look, though. In that case, stick with gray, beige, and soft blue and green.

You should strive to offset a more modern style with rich hues. Find paintings or accessories with deep chocolates and oranges to bring earth tones in each room.

3. Accessorize with Complementary Colors

It’s true that all neutrals, even if they do have subtle undertones of other colors, can create an overall — well — boring look. If you go all-in with your earth tones, make sure you adjust the shades when you accessorize.

Add a handful of items that complement the foundation shades you picked, and take that room from “blah” to extraordinary.

So what colors go well with earth tones?

A color wheel is a great place to start matching your complementary shades with what you chose as your main palette. In general, the idea is to take a lighter foundation color, then increase or decrease the pigmentation in layers.

If you have a gray couch with a blue undertone, you could use throw pillows that are a slightly darker or lighter gray but share the same cool hue. Use the same or similar shading for your area rug and other decor. 

The main thing to remember is that if you’re starting with a cool foundation color, accessorize with cools. Or, if you’re trying to make a warm room, your colors all need warm undertones.

4. Match Your Furniture to Your Shades

Furniture with upholstery is one thing. You were looking for earth tones in the first place, so it’s easy to pick matching fabrics. 

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But what about the furniture that doesn’t come from cloth?

Yes, there are bare materials that go with earth tones and others that do not.

The kind of non-upholstered furniture you get depends on the colors you are using in each room. Warm shades, like chocolates and deeper earth tones, go well with dark hardwood or metals. 

Mix up your cooler blues, purples, and grays with light hardwood or white furniture. They tend to pair better with these, as long as you have layers of dark and light hues to break up the room.

5. Pop Some Happy Hues in There

Even though you can use earth tones in any room in the house, how you spruce them up keeps them from being too neutral.

Apartments and new homes for sale almost always have walls and floors that are your basic earthy neutral. These browns, grays, and taupes are likely to fit in with most people’s tastes. 

But, the truth is that by themselves — they’re boring.

If you’re starting over in a new home or freshening yours up with earth tone paint, you’ll need a little color boost.

The walls may be what they have to be, especially if you’re in an apartment and can’t repaint. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with blah. 

Bring in some happy hues, like lilac or blue in the bathroom and kitchen, or plum and jade for the living room and bedroom. Pops of these colors as throw pillows, artificial flowers, or artwork add personality to your home and are easy to take with you if you move.


When your goal is to turn your home into a place where you feel peaceful, earth tones are the way to get the job done.

Grays and tans aren’t “just” grays and tans, though! As you start to search for the colors to use in each room, you’ll see that every shade has its own unique undertone.

As you learn the psychology behind why some colors work well to evoke one mood and others don’t, you can find the right shade for your room. With cool and warm earth tones, the right paint, furniture, and accessories will turn your home into the sanctuary you crave. Hope you love reading “Decorate Apartment with Earth Tones”

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Aaron Hunt is the property manager for Prime Place OSU. He can be reached by email at osu@myprimeplace.com or by call or text at 405-708-7605.

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