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Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home with Pegboards – Amir Articles

Pegboards irrevocably changed the way we organize. Read short guide to learn on how to Decorate Your Home with Pegboards and more.


Pegboards irrevocably changed the way we organize. For homeowners running low on storage, the straightforward fashion of organizing things and its simplicity make it the ultimate space-saver. Commonly made from plywood or galvanized metal, they double as functional decorations, apart from using them in the kitchen to hang pans or fastening hardware unto it in the garage. These are some creative ways to decorate your home using a pegboard to give it a fresh, new look. 

Hang Outdoor Plants

Having a small patio or balcony offers potential if your home is aiming for a greener look. Get in touch with nature by attaching pots where ornamental plants can grow. The look of hanging plants evokes a sense of calm and soothes the eyes, say while sipping coffee or reading a book. This way, too, your plants gain more access to sunlight for a lush garden altogether.

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Display Your Own Art Gallery

Paintings and other artworks often damage the wall when you install them. However, having them installed on a pegboard will retain your walls’ pristine condition, leaving them unscathed for eternity. This comes with the added benefit of moving your decorative accessories around and changing them as often as desired. Since your displays serve as a focal point for guests, the fancier they look, the grander the statement they get across.

Customize Your Bike Rack

Smaller spaces make it a struggle to store bicycles on entryways where they are most often found. Fresh from a ride with dirt still clinging on those rubber wheels, a bike could spoil your tiles afoot! Luckily, those tiles couldn’t be bothered if you can hang a bike instantly when you return home. Rather than propping them on a corner looking desolate, this alternative is a more stylish way to do it.

Hang Your Mugs on a Rack

Households are found overbrimming with them; they either look cluttered, stacked on top of each other, or abandoned inside cupboards accumulating dust. Why not display them in the fashion of a local coffee shop? Of course, leaving them just freely hanging at slanting angles invites danger at the slightest disturbances, so secure them tightly lest they fall. Free up space on your shelves by getting rid of the myriad mugs this way.

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Show Off Your Prized Collection

Collecting anything, however eccentric, calls for bragging rights. Whether it’s seashells, sports memorabilia, tools, or sparkling crystals, showcase what you love and be unapologetic about it. Having them fixed on the wall brings forth splashes of joy at every glance. This designated area could also be an avenue for adventure or a trip down memory lane if you decide instead to display trinkets and souvenirs from your travels.

Add Texture and Colour

Sometimes you need it plain and bare. Hang it on a wall to add texture and sprinkle in some color. The coat of paint will depend on the theme of the design you wish for your interior. Consider the lighting in the room at hand and think about contrast beforehand. You can also spice up your tabletops by placing them above with some decors to go along with them.

Pegboards are genuinely diverse in terms of the aesthetic value they can add to your home. Not only are they functional, but they can also be decorative to elevate the nooks and crannies of your otherwise drab and boring house. Organizing is a daunting task for most of us in this age, and only a few can manage to do it elegantly. You have to be resourceful and unleash your creativity.

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