You Can Defend Your Rights With the Help of San Diego Injury Lawyers

Gingery Hammer & Schneiderman LLP is a legal firm in San Diego, California that specializes in car accident cases. A Car Accident Lawyer San Diego can help families with medical and burial insurance issues when they are dealing with the loss of loved ones through this type of incident. Car accidents kill or injure one million Americans each year – if you have been affected by an injury due to such an event then contact Gingery for assistance! Read about San Diego Injury Lawyers in details below.

Auto Accident Lawyers

The pain and suffering from a car accident can be difficult to navigate. From medical costs, funeral expenses, and lost wages on top of the physical trauma you are going through as an injury victim- it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. However there is hope! San Diego Auto Accident Attorneys have your back when it comes time for compensation after such accidents happen in California. Hire one today if this has happened to you or someone close so that we may provide them with specialized care at our offices located throughout southern California including Los Angeles County all the way down into San Diego County

Helping accident victims

Our experienced lawyers know how difficult life can be following a car accident. If you’re in pain and need the compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages or other damages because of someone else’s negligence, then get help from our attorneys who are committed to getting you results that matter most for all those involved — not just yourself!

Experienced Attorneys

In our extensive experience and expert knowledge in this field, we are one of the best Car Accident Attorney San Diego firms around. If you or someone close to you is injured in a car accident, there can be serious injuries sustained as well as emotional trauma from such an event. We have support for those who need it most! Due to negligence on behalf of the driver–most times when accidents happen they’re at fault due to driving too fast, following improperly behind another vehicle’s blind spot–or even just not paying attention while making turns onto streets with heavy traffic flow; sometimes problems arise because their view was obstructed by something like foliage overgrown bushes that were hanging low near sidewalks where people walk and bike.”

We offer support services for the following:

  • Driving while intoxicated accidents
  • An accident involving a truck
  • Accidents are caused by defective seatbelts
  • A cyclist’s accident
  • Being involved in an accident due to a red light
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Drivers distracted by cell phones are more likely to have accidents
  • Accidents involving pedestrians
  • A drug-related accident occurs when a drug is used
  • The result of a speeding accident is a traffic accident

Call Today If You Have Been Injured in a Crash

You will not have to worry about paying for legal assistance when you get into a car accident. Our lawyers are committed to helping those in need and do not charge fees upfront until the case is resolved. The law firm of Gingery Hammer & Schneiderman LLP may be able to assist you with your claim if it involves an automobile accident, so call today!

Some Americans suffer catastrophic injuries or even death as they’re involved in traffic accidents each year–over one million people every single year alone! Thankfully there’s help out there: For cases involving auto accidents and other such incidents where someone has been seriously injured, we believe that justice should always prevail, which means our attorneys never take payment before resolving their clients’ claims against negligent parties who’ve caused injuries.

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