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How to Design Your Office for Improving Productivity?

As per studies on the workplace, the crucial factor is the physical environment if you want to know “Design Office for Improving Productivity”


For business success, the work should be productive, and for productivity, there should be a friendly workplace. But how do you improve the productivity of the employees? Productivity depends on the culture you set for your employees and also how you boost their morale. It also depends on the layout of the office and the positive vibes at work. Well, for a well-designed office, modern Office furniture won’t hurt either. Also, you can prefer a glass balustrade to improve your office space and make your office more attractive.

As per studies completed on workplace and productivity, the most crucial factor is the physical environment, which determines the employees’ ability to focus on their work. Although, studies and statistics suggest that nearly 50 per cent of the interviewed employers did not consider a well-designed office a good investment. 

Also, you can prefer glass partitions that help to improve your office space.

Whatever the statistics may be, a well-designed office with fantastic Office furniture, lighting and colour is just what your employees require. Here is how you can design your office for maximum productivity.

1. Lighting:

Did you know that poor lighting causes a headache, eye strain, stress and fatigue? Well, it is true. If the lighting is not proper, your employees may not be able to work well, which will demotivate your employees and affect the productivity of your business. Natural light makes people happy. So, your employees should have access to that. But it is impossible to make all your employees sit next to the window. So, instead, why not install indirect lighting? What is indirect lighting? The source of light is hidden but spread across the room through ceilings, floors and walls. This indirect light doesn’t lead to eye strain and will make the workplace brighter.

2. Room colour:

Certain colours elevate our mood and improve our brain function. Hence, it is necessary to select the right colours for your employees to maximize their productivity.  Like the proverb, ‘Too much of anything is good for nothing.’ Similarly, too much colour can have a negative impact on your employees. You require just the right amount of everything. Your employees can get some postcards, magazine cutouts, and some other items from their homes that inspire them and keep them focused. 

3. Room Temperature:

With 65-68 Fahrenheit temperatures in the office, it will be hard for your employees to concentrate on their work. What if someone gets a cold? What if someone gets a fever? The possibilities could be endless with temperatures like those because that will undoubtedly stand in the way of productivity. Well, what you can do is, you can bring space heaters, blankets and sweaters for your employees and make them easily accessible. So, next time, they won’t be worried about the temperature. 

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4. Raise the ceilings:

When you plan the layout of the office, don’t forget to add ‘raise the ceilings’ as part of your design plan. According to studies, employees got more creative and would think freely when the ceiling of the office was at least 10 feet high. Creative thinking helps in productivity, which in turn helps in the success of the business. 

5. Room scents:

Room scents make people stay focused. Similar to the colour, scents also affect our mood and bring a feeling of peace. You can add scents to the workplace, thereby allowing your employees to focus entirely. For remaining focus, you can add the following fragrances: pine can increase alertness, cinnamon helps improve focus, lavender will enable people to relax after a long and stressful day, peppermint brings you in high spirits, and citrus freshens your mood and allows you to wake up. 

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Your employees will love their company and their job with this incredible office layout. All you need to do is purchase office furniture once the office space is renovated, and you will be surprised to see a sudden improvement in your employees’ productivity.

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