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3 Design Tips for Small Businesses that Can Put Them on Par with the Big Guns

Web design can be related in several respects, but one of them is how you can succeed against the competition. This is one way to ensure you can swim against the tide and make a good case for your company. Small businesses and startups starting a new venture in Dubai must expect tough conditions. A good web design can help them bid to make a mark for themselves. Read about Design Tips for Small Businesses below.

I will try to offer here some offbeat aspects that may look out to you but are nonetheless very effective in getting the visitors’ attention.

1. Theme and Layout

Theme and layout for any website to make a mark are not unusual, and it is not an offbeat aspect related to web design. But here I am talking about making the theme work so that even if the design is average, the theme gets all the applause and attention. The layout of the website also needs to be considered so that it can work alongside the theme.

 Never underestimate your target audience and what they want to see on our site. You may have to research hard to develop a solid plan that will work in your favor. NGO for a minimalistic design that is gaining the attention of most websites. You can put in content that can work, and the abundance of white space makes it for a good show and looks pleasing to the eyes. The use of headlines and Bullet points also make it easy for anyone to go to your content quickly and understand it.


After the theme and layout, it is time for making your images work. Do not think that just because you have put in high definition images on your website will work for you anyway. The placement of the images and their originality are two aspects that can work wonders for you. And do not mind cropping your pictures to make them appropriate for the audience and also have a greater impact. If an image is very large, make it standard size so that your purpose will be filled, and it won’t look odd on the website. 

2. Button Design

Button design can be termed as our subtopic related to Call to Action buttons. CTAs are always very effective in making the visitors of any website act upon something. It is usually offered to them to go to the product page or the order page as desired by the company. CTAs are synonymous with pushing buttons, and you need them to work for you that time if you want a product to become a hit with its target audience.

The following are the few ways any company can create buttons, with their design doing the talking. 

Design Buttons to Woo your Target Audience 

The text on the buttons for the taglines used to lure the visitors should be well thought of.  You cannot expect just to write “Click Here” or “Proceed to Product Page” so that your visitors would act accordingly. You need to develop something catchy and interesting, rather than the same mediocre lines that we are used to seeing on every other website. 

Offer them something free, as this ploy works most of the time. Websites mostly use an eBook or a discount coupon. But if you can come up with something more innovative, then your chances will increase. The design of the pattern is usually rounded with curved corners. But square buttons and other shapes are also used. Think about what can work best for you with the text you have so that everything can nicely fall into place. 

Putting these buttons above the fold, which is the part of the web page visible after you open it, will work for you. The buttons which are below the fold may not have the same visibility, and some visitors on your page may not scroll down. In this way, they will not see your offer or any CTA that you have mentioned. 

3. Video Design 

Another offbeat aspect, most of my readers would think about how you can design a video. This is not something very extraordinary as businesses have started taking this aspect seriously. Right from the placement of the video on your home page or any other one to make it look attractive is the key. You just cannot put a video anywhere on the page and expect that your visitors will see it anyway. You have to try to ensure that the video is visible to everyone and comprises a design that makes it exciting to watch.

Adding videos is not just for the sake of it because several marketing research reports have indicated that offering videos can increase the viewership of your page by more than 50%. It is a Win-Win situation for both the marketers and the visitors of a website. Marketers get the attention of their target audience with a 30-second video, for example. And the visitors get the information quickly enough so that they can decide about whether to stay on the website or leave it.

The placement of the videos should be around the center of the page. Video right at the start or at the bottom of the page usually does not get the views. Just like a sentence gets the attention; similarly, videos also garner attention from the viewers if placed right at the center. Suppose you think this aspect is a bit tough for you to undertake. In that case, you can always get some consultancy from a reputed web design company Dubai for the best results.

Over to you 

What is your experience of all the aspects that I have mentioned here? Have you incorporated any one of them, and would you like to share it with the other readers of this blog? And if you have any questions in mind, you are welcome to speak up, and I will get back to you.

For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.

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