Diablo Series Guide – How to Access Diablo 2 & other Games in Series?

Diablo Series become very popular because of its perfect gameplay. You can read basic information about all these games & especially about Diablo 2 Accessd information.

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Introduction to Series
Diablo 1
Diablo – Hellfire
Diablo 2
Diablo 2 – Lord of Destruction
Diablo 3
Diablo 3 – Reaper of Souls
Diablo 3 – Rise of the Necromancer
Diablo Immortal
Diablo 4

Introduction to Series

Diablo series is very popular because of its multi-genre & popularity among millions of players. Its action, RPG, Hack & Slash, adventure, and Dungeon Crawler. The main purpose of this game is to explore different dungeons, kill monsters of different types & complete some objects like a reach to the end.

Enemies become more difficult to kill after the player is able to complete one level. It means upgrading weapons is very important for players. Every game in the series is explained well with complete details for players with a download links to get the main files to play for free.

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Diablo 1

The first game in the series where the player needs to complete 16 different levels to finish this game. Each dungeon is randomly generated & connected with each other. Players must complete one level to start another or enter in next dungeon. Enemies are completely unique at each level with different levels of difficulty.

Collecting different kinds of items is very important because it allows the player to survive this game. But players must learn how to use these items in order to fight against different enemies. There are several quests to complete for players at every level which are optional. These quests provide the player with bonuses & other requirements like increasing level.

There are 3 different character classes in Diablo. Each character in every class can almost use the same weapons or attributes. There are few changes that allow players to try all of these as per requirements. Multiplayer is available for 4 players same time. The most important part of multiplayer is co-operation which allows multiple players to complete few missions together.

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Diablo – Hellfire

Hellfire is a single-player expansion with some other multiplayer modes to unlock. There are a lot of features offered by this expansion but they don’t affect the original game at all. A completely new and different story is added in this expansion which provides the player with a completely unique experience. They include the main diablo quest which the player must complete with side quests simial to the previous game in the series.

There are many new features included in this expansion that are different from the previous game. You can understand that there are updates to every single part of Diablo 1 which makes it the most amazing and perfect game. Hellfire receives a lot of positive reviews & considered as the best addon to any game ever created.

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Diablo 2 Access

There are 4 different chapters in this game, each completely different from the other with some extra dungeons to clear. To complete every chapter player must finish some quests. Unlike 1st game in the series, environments are different for every chapter. Three difficulty levels are added in this game which players can choose as per their experience.

The act or Chapter 1 is similar to the original game which means a similar environment with no changes. If you don’t know about 1st game, watch the above video under Diablo 1. They include ancient Egypt in the 2nd act including deserts & tombs. The third act takes place in the jungles of central Ameria & all surroundings environment. The last act happens in hell which means some unknow weird locations are included.

There are different randomly generated items in Diablo 2 but they include some levels to them. Each type of item is different from others on basis of their importance to different quests. Characters for this game are created in a more complicated way. Each class is different on the base of skill set, strength & weakness. Players are able to play games online using Battle.Net Server or local LAN system.

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Diablo 2 – Lord of Destruction

Lord of Destruction includes some new features to the game. There are 2 new character classes with completely unique skills & other abilities. The fifth Act or Chapter is added in-game with a new storyline. Many new weapons and items make this expansion more unique compare to the original game. Most of the items & common game features are improved through the whole game.

The story continues from Act 4 & the player needs to complete 6 new quests in Chapter 5 of the expansion pack. The portal to another world is open & now the player must kill one powerful monster who leads an attack on the barbarian city. But later players realize that there are more dangerous enemies to defeat in the mission.

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Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is different from all previous games and improved version. The graphic quality and features of this game make it perfect. It was released in 2012 for windows but later many years for few other platforms. A total of 7 different characters is added in this game which is completely different from each other similar to previous games. Diablo 3 was sold over 30 million copies in just 3 years of 1st release.

The story for this game is really complicated & difficult for players to understand. But its also very interesting from Act 1 to 4 with a lot of twists. The player needs to investigate different locations to look for fallen stars in the 1st Act. There are different enemies to defeat for the completion of the game coming in the player way. Some patches are created for this game later to add some new features in-game & improve gameplay.

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Diablo 3 – Reaper of Souls

Reaper of Souls continues from the Diablo 3 story with a lot of improved features available. there is Adventure Mode which allows the player to explore all regions in this game. But there are some new features & objectives introduced to this game. Read about all features introduced to the game on Wikipedia article.

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Diablo 3 – Rise of the Necromancer

Rise of the Necromancer is downloadable content for Diable 3 without too many changes to the original game. Necromancer class from Diablo 2 is introduced in this game. New Zones, bounties, and many other mini-features are added & also improvement in a few important aspects of the game.

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Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is planned to release for mobile devices. It will include different features from all Diable games & expansions. But reviews & players’ comments about this game were very negative upon release. There is no fixed date for the release fo this game or they can cancel it.

Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is planned to release in 2021 with no date announced yet. Players are really excited about this game & you can expect the selling of this game reach 100 million because of the popularity of previous games. It’s also possible that developers can release this game for all platforms together and especially the mobile versions too.


Playing Diablo is not easy because you must learn a lot of things. The most important part of learning for every new player is how to collect & use potions when fighting? Sometimes, the player needs to fight with too many enemies at the same time or a powerful enemy. Collecting potions to increase health and use it when fighting this game is very important to complete various missions.

Overall, this game is best for everyone who loves Dungeon games. Upgrading weapons to kill more powerful enemies is also important because every level is difficult from previous. It’s always a good idea to download this game free from the internet because hundreds of sites already provide free links to users. These games are old now & there is no one who wants to pay money to purchase them anymore. Our article makes it possible for thousands of players to test this game & play for completely free.

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