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Diamond Eternity Bands: Shopping Guide

There are many different rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings and eternity rings. All of these have different meanings and different importance. One of these rings that hold a lot of sentimental importance in a couple’s life is the eternity band. 

Eternity bands are not only limited to married couples. Instead, people in a relationship can also have these. They can also be great presents for your best friends and other special people in your life. 

What are Eternity Bands: 

Eternity bands are also similar to wedding or engagement bands; they hold many meanings and emotions. Eternity bands are given as a part of wedding bands or anniversary bands, and they are also given as birthday presents or other special gifts to the person you love.

Eternity bands are given as a symbol of eternal relationship or lifelong long or more commonly as a symbol for eternity. These rings are one of the best ways to show your love and care for your partner or anyone special in your life. 

These special and precious jewelry pieces can be given on special days, such as weddings, engagements, anniversaries and can also be gifted on birthdays and other special occasions. Hence eternity bands are one of the most valuable and meaningful gifts you can give to someone important in your life. 

A Shopping Guide for Eternity Bands: 

If you are thinking about investing and purchasing eternity bands for someone, you must know everything about them. Different styles, settings, prices and all the other parameters. These points can clear your mind and give you a vision of how you want the eternity bands to look. 

Here is a proper guide that will help you figure out how to purchase an ideal eternity band for your loved one. 

  • Different Types of Eternity Bands: 

Generally, you will find two different styles of eternity bands. The full eternity band and the half eternity band. The half eternity band means that the stones used on the ring are circling only the half circumference of the ring. In this, fewer stones are used around the circumference of the ring.

Whereas in the full eternity ring, the stones are present all around the ring. It contains more stones, and this ring has more sparkle and shine on it. 

  • Types of Eternity Rings Settings: 

When purchasing the eternity bands, you must know the different settings of the stone of the band. It will help you figure out which style your partner might like. 

  1. Prong Setting: 

Prong settings are also known as claw settings. It is the most common and popular setting for eternity bands and all the rings. This style features the claws or the prongs that hold the stones in their place. These prongs can be seen from the top and the side view of the ring. 

  1. Pave Setting: 

Looking for a delicate and dainty setting, then pave setting eternity rings can be your option. In this, the stones or the diamonds are placed very closely together to look like pavement. These are small stones, giving the ring a delicate and elegant look. These eternity rings are the shiniest and give the most sparkle. 

  1. Channel Settings: 

Another setting that you can find in the eternity rings is the channel setting. The stones are placed inside a channel or groove to give a continuous and smooth feel to the ring. Unlike the prong settings, there is no metal separating them; instead, the stones sit in between the metal channels. 

  1. Cut Down Setting: 

As the name suggests in this type of eternity band, the stones are placed in the cut in the metals. There are no prongs or grooves as in the previous setting; instead, the metal is cut so that it can hold the stones securely. It is also a very spark setting and allows the stones to reflect the light properly. 

  • Eternity Rings Designs: 

Here are some of the designs for the eternity rings that can help you figure out the style for the rings. 

  1. Diamond Eternity Rings: 

The diamond eternity rings are classic, and you will see many people wearing diamond eternity rings. These rings look extremely stunning and elegant, and they can also be stacked with the other rings. Other than that, diamonds are easy to clean, so you can check the best way to clean diamond ring so that you can keep your eternity rings beautiful and shiny. 

  1. Gemstone Eternity Rings: 

Why only stick with diamond rings? If you want to gift a different eternity ring to the person you love, go for gemstones. You can find plenty of colors and types of gemstones that you can use in your eternity rings. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds and many other stones are available in the market for you to choose and make the most stunning eternity ring. 

  1. Vintage Eternity Rings: 

Vintage Eternity Rings are another great option to opt for. All the antique and vintage things look very cool and stay in fashion for a very long time. It is a perfect combination of elegance and a classic look. Therefore, gifting the special person a vintage eternity ring can also be a good option to opt for. 

  1. Curved Eternity Rings: 

The last style of eternity ring is the curved eternity ring. They are made to be worn with other rings such as engagement or wedding bands. The curved eternity bands are very thin and delicate and are super comfortable to wear and style. 

There are many other things that you should check before purchasing the eternity bands, such as the metal that is used and the shape of the rings. All of this will help you find the perfect eternity ring for your significant other. 


Eternity rings a lot of emotions and meaning behind them; they represent eternal and long-lasting love. Gifting these eternity bands to someone will show your love and appreciation for them. 

Therefore, the guide given above will help you find the best eternity ring that you can gift your partner on a special day. The things and points mentioned above will help you select the ring’s ideal design, style, and setting for your favorite person.

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