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Different Types of Car Covers protect your car against various weather conditions. They shield your car from snow, hail, rain and more.


Car covers protect your car against various weather conditions. They shield your car from snow, hail, rain, sleet, mist, etc. You can use an outdoor car cover to protect your car from the harmful effects of sunlight, dust, moisture, bugs, bird poop, etc.

The best thing about car covers is that they can be used on all types of cars. Outdoor car covers come in both universal and custom fitments for all budgets. Custom-fit outdoor car covers are made specifically to fit your car, the year, make and model, and most often come with antenna and mirror pockets as per your particular model.

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Different Types of Car Covers

Car covers prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on the exterior of your car. It prevents unwelcome odours from forming on your car. You can even get them with your own name or customize them by adding your own embroidery message.

Some have elastic waistbands to fit around your entire body. These can be zipped open when you need to clean the dirt out of the grill, trunk, or underside of your car.

When it comes to travelling, custom-fitted car covers are essential accessories that you must have. The protection from dust, sand, dirt, bugs, moisture, etc. is just too valuable. The best car covers are durable, water-resistant, easy to clean, mould-resistant, etc.

There are different ways to protect your car covers, depending upon what you intend to use them for. If you intend to use them while travelling, you will need a good quality vehicle protective covering.

A good example is a dust sheet that is waterproof and also has a UV protection feature. This will help protect your precious vehicle from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Another reason people purchase customized car covers is to tailor the fit to your exact measurements. Many vehicle experts and car cover companies will do a free estimate for your car’s model and make.

You can then take that information and have a custom-fit car cover come to your house to have your vehicle protected from the elements. Some companies will allow you to take a picture, and they will evaluate and redesign the fit to fit your dimensions.

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Others will take a tape measure and give you a quote. They will most likely charge you an amount that is less than retail.

Breathable outdoor car covers to prevent condensation from forming on your windshield, dashboard, and doors. When you drive in rainy weather, the beads of sweat form on the windows and windshield.

This is a huge pain! If you live somewhere with a lot of snow, ice, or rain, breathable outdoor car covers will allow moisture to escape. They will also keep out the damp air and sunshine.

In the summertime, they will keep out the heat, but they will let in the warm air when the temperature drops.

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There are also indoor use car covers available for indoor use as well. They will often fit snugly against a wall to hide the car from view, but they also work well when used outdoors to protect a coupe, sports sedan, or SUV.

These types are designed for the utmost protection, but most will also fit inside your home with no problem at all. Some will have the snaps on the outside to easily remove them for cleaning.

 Can purchase paint protecting car covers for indoor or outdoor use. There are many different types of paint protectors, including bulletproof, graffiti and stain repellent paint protection.

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These are specially formulated to protect the interior or exterior of a car. They protect from the sun, rain, sleet, snow, or dust, and they are easy to clean, especially if you have an exterior paint job.

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