Learn More About Different Types of Roofs

Different Types of Roofs

You cannot overlook the essence of your home’s roof; it protects you, your home’s interior, and your family from the elements, such as snow, rain, sun, and wind. Whether building a new home or renovating an old one, you must understand different types of roofs and which roof type fits it better. Working with a contractor in roofing Gettysburg or your area of residence is a wise idea. However, the first step is to understand the most common types of roofs as discussed below, to ensure you have a clear picture of your options. 

Flat Roof

This roof design is mainly found in commercial constructions, but residential buildings have begun using this roof type, too. This roof has little or no pitch. Although they are mostly found in modern-day houses, traditional residential and commercial property may have flat roofs on garages and porches. Flat roofs are not ideal because rain and snow do not shed as fast as on a sloped roof, leading to corrosion and costly repairs. 

Gable Roof

This type has become popular among homeowners, thanks to its distinguishable triangular shape, easy-to-build design, and cheap installation. This roof type sheds snow and rainwater faster because of its sloping sides. However, your home must have reliable frame construction to prevent a gable roof from collapsing. 

Hip Roof

Although hipped roofs do not allow so much ventilation, they are an ideal option if you reside in a windy area. This roof design has a slope on each of its four faces, and it can be divided into several other subcategories. 

Mansard Roof

This design originated from the French, which comes with four sides, each with two slopes. The curvy or flat sides of a mansard roof create more living space, which allows you to make additions that can boost your home’s value

Roofing is a technical undertaking, and if care is not taken during installation, your entire home’s appearance can be affected. Therefore, talk to your local roofer to help you understand which of the above-discussed roof types better suits your property. 

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