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These Digital Marketing Trends Will Go Obsolete from 2021 Onward

Well-structured and engaging content attracts a large audience and will continue to do so moving forward. Read Digital Marketing Trends.


Google’s Webmaster Analyst recently made a tweet expressing his desire for people to ditch a specific ‘boring’ practice to the ’90s. He was referring to spamming of articles and blog posts with keywords to land a place at the top of search results.

Well-structured and engaging content attracts a large audience and will continue to do so moving forward as well; as in an age where social media is a part of our lives and is partly to blame for our shortened attention spans, it has, therefore, become essential to create crisp, informative and well-written articles that can bind the user and attract even more people to the website.

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Organized blog posts providing the solution in a few steps are the most sought after, where the user has to power through the whole article to get the desired answers.


A big challenge that a marketer faces is converting a visitor into a buyer. Someone looking to buy an air conditioner is less likely to be interested in, say, a room heater. You need to know your audience. Not everything will attract everyone.

This year, expect the businesses and marketers to create a personalized, more engaging experience for the users. With more and more resources being invested by big companies toward studying and segmenting the audience according to their demands and needs, mass marketing campaigns aiming towards a general audience will soon bite the dust.


Now that we are actively witnessing the rise of artificial intelligence, more marketers are incorporating it in their strategies, presently in chatbots, which make the experience interactive, and are also widely popular among people.

Thus, large banners seem like a thing of the past, and unsolicited popup ads feel like a slap on the face. Technology is advancing by the day, and with more and more people embracing AI, it is time that we bid the pair above adieu.


This is the age of inclusivity. People want to see equity being represented more and more. As per a study conducted by Accenture, 41% of shoppers “have shifted… their business away from a retailer that does not reflect how important [identity and diversity] is to them.”

Hinted earlier, this is the age that will see the end of depersonalized digital marketing. Accenture’s same study also points out that 29% of the customers are willing to switch brands if they see the appropriate representation someplace else.

Furthermore, people are willing to put money where their heart is; that is, customers are more likely to invest in a brand that is more inclusive of its audience and puts support to a good cause.

It is perhaps time to say goodbye to brands and companies that come off as a large capital conglomerate. Companies like Nike and Lvi’s are already doubling down on this, and post-pandemic and things that happened in 2020, people would be more invested in businesses that appear more sensitive, more human.

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To expand further the point about inclusivity, we already see businesses and companies, instead of going global, are now going local. Micro-influencers are working wonders for them. So expect to see more in the coming years. People feel more at home.

A face they can relate to is at the center and are more likely to associate themselves with them. Building a brand is essential, says digital marketing expert Neil Patel but, a more relatable brand is much more possible to succeed.


Less is more. A short clip that delivers its message in a few seconds in an impactful way will always succeed over a long boring video. Fast and crisp sells, quality prevails over quantity. The goal is to leave the visitor intrigued, not tired.

On a similar note, the audience’s not appreciated is hurting their intelligence, which marketers do by making use of standard, boring stock images that come off as lazy and take people away from the product.

There is a big chance of your brand’s success more relatable to people, as mentioned before. Stok images with smiling faces fail to establish the connection that the audience seeks.


The rise of lists. Lists have been popular for quite some time but expect to see an incremental increase in the number of plans coming out every day. What is more convenient than skimming through a well-written article with bullet points and identifies our problems while giving an easy solution?

This brand of content is gaining popularity fast, even in video format. Expect to see more of these coming up as now it has become a race to position zero: the boxed space at the top of the search results, where more often than not, list-type articles, blog posts, and video snippets land.


These are the tasks that technology has played and may continue to play even more. COVID-19 has shown the importance of digital adaptation, allowing organizations to continue, as far as possible, as normal across pandemics.

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