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Diversity Is Key: 5 Inclusive Hiring Practices You Should Implement

It is clear that organizations that embrace diversity in the workplace enjoy improved innovation and problem-solving skills, enhanced productivity and more profits among other benefits. For these benefits, employers are committed to bring in diversity not just as a moral or legal obligation. If you are just joining the diversity bandwagon, it is good to know that having diverse individuals on your team starts by improving your hiring strategy. This includes leveling the playing field for all, eliminating biases and making all candidates feel appreciated and empowered. That being said, here are 5 inclusive hiring practices that you should incorporate in your hiring strategy to raise your odds of success.

1.  Define diversity and inclusion for your organization

The first step towards building a diverse workforce is to understand what diversity means and looks for your organization. This will help you set goals to help you achieve the diverse team that you want. The best place to start is understanding where you are currently and identifying areas that need improvement. You can conduct internal surveys to know what your team thinks about diversity and their suggestions on where you are falling behind.  You can also look at your clientele base or your locale to identify the demographics that you should reflect in your organization. After getting the feedback, compare with where you are currently and set goals and targets to get to where you want.

2.  Foster an inclusive company culture

Diversity in the workplace is one consideration that the modern job seekers puts into account when deciding which company to work for. Most are likely to turn down job offers if they don’t see the slightest hint of diversity in an organization. That is why to attract diverse candidates, it is important to include diversity in your employer branding. Moreover, that starts by fostering diversity in your company. Here are some of the ways that you can do that:

  • Share your diversity, equality and inclusive statement in all your platforms
  • Share photos and videos of your diverse workforce at work
  • Offer equal opportunities and benefits to all your employees – This can be made easier by using a global payroll where you have employees from around the world. Besides reducing complexity, boosting efficiency and ensuring compliance, when you implement a global payroll, it becomes easier to unify s processes and employees across different time zones and cultures.

3.  Rethink your job ads and platforms

Your job ads could well be keeping some candidates from applying to your company. To make sure that your job ads don’t appear as if they are targeted to a particular group of people, seek to make them short and precise. Focus only on the must-have requirements and skills for the job. This eliminates intimidation and is also an easy way to avoid gender-sensitive wordings.

In addition, place your job ad on various platforms to expand your audience. In addition to posting on your website, you can advertise on social media and online job boards.

4.  Find ways to eliminate unconscious bias

Unconscious bias is one of the biggest hindrances to diversity in hiring. Finding ways to combat it can go a long way in building your diverse team. Here are some suggestions that you can try:

  • Provide awareness on unconscious bias to employees and hiring teams
  • Ensure that your career website is accessible to all – This includes using dyslexia-friendly fonts, using proper color contrast to make it easier for visually-impaired and color blind candidates and using video captions for aurally-impaired individuals
  • Have a diverse interviewing panel
  • Use standardized interview process for all candidates
  • Utilize blind hiring – Use AI technology to blind resumes and to conduct blind interviews

5.  Measure progress

One way to ensure long term diversity is by constantly improving your diversity hiring strategy. This can be made possible by evaluating your progress to identify what works and what doesn’t. You can utilize an applicant hiring tracker to help you identify the characteristics of candidates who get hired against those who don’t make it. In addition, conducting surveys, sometimes anonymously, can unlock valuable insights on where to improve. 


Implementing a diversity in hiring strategy isn’t a sprint. It is a process that takes time to perfect. Let the above tips guide you in creating one. But remember to continually evaluate and refine to take care of your organization’s needs at any given time. It might take time, but when done well, you will eventually see the benefits of committing to diversity.   

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