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Flavour Graph: DIY E-liquid Flavour Pairing Overview

One of the benefits of vaping is the possibility to have a do it yourself experience with e-liquids. DIY e-liquids are absolutely a fad in the vaping market– you can save cash, regulate the flavour toughness as well as nicotine ratio, as well as be creative by playing with different flavour combinations to make your very own e-liquid. Probably you can even invent a brand-new preference!

Flavour is an important experience for foodies and vapers alike– that’s why one of the most important step in making your own e-liquid is to choose the flavour concentrates you wish to integrate. Prior to you start your do it yourself e-liquid experience, you need to understand the fundamentals regarding flavour pairing. That’s why we created this guide with a handy e-liquid flavour pairing chart to make it simpler for you. If you understand exactly which flavours mix well with each other, you’ll be tasting your new favorite e-liquid in a snap!

We understand every vaper has a different preference when it involves e-juice, so we placed the very best flavour pairing alternatives for 32 base flavours in one colourful graph. You can see that ginger, cinnamon and also orange are the most convenient to utilize as base, because they match well with over 10 different flavours! Yet the sky’s the limit, really.

When you’re explore your very own blends, you can take various flavour pairing routes to create the e-liquid that ideal fits your preference. The inquiry is: what do you feel like sampling? You might want a velvety e-liquid, with a simple pairing of flavours like milk and ice cream; or you might be food craving a bakery e-liquid with even more complex pairings and also appearance to please your craving for sweets; or even just a great old fruity e-liquid. You can likewise trying out sweet and also savoury flavours, to obtain a balanced e-liquid with a fascinating taste, or offer an enjoyable spin to a fruity base by coupling it with salty or spicy flavours.

Just be imaginative, as well as bear in mind to share this DIY e-liquid flavour pairing graph with fellow vapers! Currently, get mixing!

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