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Do Car Accidents Affect Your Mental Health?

After an accident, most people focus on the physical injuries inflicted on the victims. If there are any physical injuries, it is essential to visit a health practitioner for medical examination and get the treatment needed for the body. Although physical injuries are common in accidents, many people forget the damage to your mental health. In most cases, victims of a car accident who suffer mental injuries because of the trauma and collision do not get any attention. It is important to recognize that a car accident can affect the victim’s mental health. Read about Car Accidents Affect Your Mental Health below.

Short-term Effects of a Car Accident

Following a car accident, the victim experiences emotional distress. However, there is no official medical diagnosis done for such conditions. The emotional distress that the accident victim experiences can make them get symptoms such as anxiety, anger, mood swings, fear, crying, loss of appetite. They may also lose interest in traveling or doing other usual activities.

These symptoms can disrupt the victim’s life, and the fear may make it difficult for them to work, attend school, or even wake up in the morning. As a victim, you may fear getting into another accident if you travel, therefore avoiding attending any necessary appointments. The feeling of emotional distress may go away after some time for some people. Still, for others, the symptoms may persist for a very long time, especially if they have physical injuries reminding them of the accident.

Long-term Effects of the Mental Conditions Caused by a Car Accident

As a victim of a car accident, you will need regular therapy to cope with PTSD. The doctor may also prescribe medications to help you return to your daily life. Treating mental conditions associated with car accidents can be very expensive and, in most cases, exceed the cost of treating the physical injuries. When the symptoms of the mental conditions persist, they could become long-term and carry on for years.

The victim will gain phobias related to cars, and they may never get to work comfortably, travel, or take their children to school. If you overcome the fear of driving, you may also have to deal with the anxiety that comes with the driving itself, as most of the time, you will feel anxious while in a car or feel uneasy if you see things that remind you of the crash. The symptoms can be devastating and unexpected.

If you are going through therapy to help you overcome the symptoms of emotional distress, you can also ensure that you take steps to get out of that situation. Whenever you feel stressed about the crash, you can seek the support of your family and friends by talking to them. Do not lock yourself in the house, but try to stay engaged in your daily life to avoid getting depressed. When the symptoms become unbearable, follow up with your family health practitioner to guide you and offer more support. Remember that you should practice defensive driving to lower the risk of an accident when you get back on the wheel.

Getting Legal Help

If you’re suffering from a severe disruption of your daily life, seek legal help. Most auto insurance covers physical injuries, while others include counseling and mental health therapies too. If there is substantial damage to your mental health and the impact is affecting your job and ability to perform other tasks, seek compensation with a car accident lawyer in Albany or your particular locale. The lawyer will help you determine who is at fault in a minor car accident and major ones. The lawyer will also ensure that you get compensated for all the damage caused and will also help you file a personal injury claim.

Mental Conditions Caused by Car Accidents

If the emotional distress and the symptoms persist, the victim’s life becomes highly interrupted, and some victims may be diagnosed with some mental conditions because of the accident. One of the people living with mental conditions from car accidents has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD occurs after a traumatizing event, and a car accident may trigger the condition.

PTSD often leads to extreme fear driving or extreme anxiety to be in a motor vehicle. If you are a victim of a car accident, PTSD will make you remember the incident involuntarily many times. You may also experience a blackout when the flashbacks become intense. Some victims report having terrible nightmares, depression, physical distress, self-harm, and withdrawal from society.

Final Thoughts

Car accidents can make the victim suffer temporary or long-term mental effects along with physical injuries. So, it is important to get a lawyer to help you in filing a personal injury claim. If you have been involved in a severe car accident, you should also focus on your mental health as you treat the physical injuries.

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