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Top Best Selling Dodge Seat Covers in 2021

If by any mention of seat covers, and your mind conjures up images of antiquated popular sloppy-fitting sheepskin material, how about we step into the modern world? High tech meets durable and stylish fabrics that will instantly transform your Dodge truck. Depending on the model, be it Dodge: Challenger, Charger, or Viper, our range of seat covers are suitable for your personality type.

Add a layer of durability over your truck’s original upholstery with Canvas Camo Seat Covers. Or perhaps it’s a more western traditional and textured look you desire, then the saddle blanket seat covers are sure to do just that. Not forgetting the tech enthusiasts who wouldn’t shy away from the fabled MegaTek HD3 seat covers. Saddleman heavy-duty seat covers confer maximum protection from natural and unnatural elements.

  • Saddle-Blanket Seat Covers

If the old west appeals to you and you desire to transform your dodge to represent it, then saddle blanket seat covers are most suitable. As the name suggests, its application was on horse riding. It was the blanket placed on a horse before the saddle for added comfort. Made from a woven polyester/nylon blend, this superior heavyweight coated Saddle Blanket seat covers provide ample protection to your original seats. Moreover, they add strength and prevent dust accumulation and tough stains forming from spills. In addition, the saddle-blanket fabric is breathable and can be machine-washed with ease, or simply hand wash and drip dry. Ideal for both industrial and commercial use, these seat covers will fit perfectly with your Dodge ride.

  • Camo Seat Covers

Are you an adept hunter or a veteran soldier at heart? Or perhaps just love to blend with the rough terrain and massive jungles and the off-road environment? Whichever the case, camo seat covers ought to match your style. Camouflage fabric’s visual aesthetics come in many design patterns and colors. They range from traditional military prints to contemporary urban digital prints. The durability stems from the canvas material they’re originally printed from. Furthermore, the superiority of this non-woven polyester comes from its breathability perk. A set of camo seat covers will help you blend in with nature, making it ideal for the outdoorsy individual.

  • MegaTek HD3 Seat Covers

Protect your Dodge seats with the technological marvel MegaTek HD3 Seat Covers. Complete with anti-tear technology, making it virtually indestructible. Perfectly suited for off-road and tough vehicles like the Dodge, it confers both comfort and durability. It is waterproof, protecting against coffee spills, pet girt, and mud trails as well as tough against frequent use. It is also suitable for those who own pets. A set of these will provide guaranteed long-lasting protection that you won’t need to think of revamping any time soon.


Whatever Dodge seat cover you decide will be custom made to represent your personality, fitting over your vehicle interior specs. Our custom ranges are easy to install and fit perfectly thanks to the advanced technical construction methods and quality materials. You can be sure it won’t pull loose and start wrinkling.

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