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How to Download YouTube Videos for Free? – Amir Articles

Think of any niche or genre and you will find a video for it on YouTube. Read about how to Download YouTube Videos for Free?


YouTube is so good that it’s addictive. It is the biggest website in the world with millions of videos. These videos don’t just belong to one niche. Think of any niche or genre and you will find a video for it. You will find educational videos, movies, music, and instructional content for people of all ages and professions. There are even videos for kids. YouTube has created a safe section called YouTube kids that is specifically reserved for little kids. They won’t find anything that could be bad for them.

It also offers plenty of opportunities for content creators, which is why it has so much good content. Artists create videos and share their expertise with the world. In fact, most people would agree that just the education section is good, that they learn more than school and universities on YouTube. If you want to experience big foreign universities, you can find their complete lectures here. 

Is YouTube Really Perfect?

While it has so much to offer, it’s not something one would call perfect. While you can use it for hours, you will eventually run out of suggestions. You will start to see the same videos over and over again and there will be videos that you don’t want to see. Other than that, one big issue is the restriction of not letting people download videos. 

You don’t have always have internet access but to watch your favorite videos. This one reason has made YouTube the victim of criticism worldwide; however, there are many solutions available today that can do any job you want. 

You Can Download YouTube Video!

YouTube might not allow you to download videos, but you can still download them. You just have to use another service for this job. Among many websites, SaveFrom.net is the best service to download YouTube videos.

It enables you to download high-definition videos of your choice with three clicks. All you have to do is paste the video link on its website and click download. It also gives you the option to choose any video quality. They also offer an extension that you can install in Google Chrome. With this extension, you can download videos directly from YouTube. You will see a download button below the video with the option to choose the video quality. 

It Even Works With TikTok

Just like YouTube, another popular video platform is TikTok. It has a different kind of content compared to YouTube, but it offers good entertainment. This platform also limits its users from downloading videos. However, SaveFrom.net also has a TikTok downloader for your service. You have to do the same as YouTube to download these videos. 

Simply copy the video URL and paste it on the website. Click the download button and you will have an offline HD video that you can copy anywhere. Its ease and quality of service give it an edge over its competitors. You are not given any limitations and it offers all this FREE OF COST. 

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