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Dumpster Rental Prices: 5 Key Factors That Will Effect the Total Cost

Are you hosting an event, clearing out your garden, or renovating your home? If so, you’ll be in need of a solution for getting rid of all of the waste and debris that can accumulate as a result. One of the easiest and most effective ways of doing this is to hire a dumpster. Read about Dumpster Rental Prices below.

Dumpster rental prices can vary depending on a number of different factors. If you’re in need of a dumpster, you should be aware of the elements and details that can dictate its price. Read on to learn more about the cost of renting a dumpster and what can affect it.

1. Dumpster Size

When it comes to dumpsters, one size doesn’t fit all. Depending on what you need a dumpster for, you may want to go for something on the larger side, smaller, or somewhere in between. To decide how large of a dumpster you need, you should try to have a rough estimate of the weight of the debris you’ll be putting in it.

If you’re unable to make a weight estimation, you can always call the dumpster rental company. A staff member there should be able to help you figure out which size is right for your needs.

2. Length of Rental

Another thing you will need to determine is how long you will need the dumpster. Of course, the longer you need it, the more it is likely to cost. Some dumpster rental companies may have special offers for certain lengths of time, so you should be sure to shop around to see who is giving the best rates for your desired time frame.

3. Your Location

In order for you to get your dumpster, the rental company will have to drive it to the desired location. Because of this, where you want the dumpster dropped will have a say in how much it costs. If you’re off the beaten track or far away from any rental companies, it might end up costing you more.

4. Weight of Contents

Many dumpster rental companies charge by weight. So the amount of debris you have to offload will end up having an effect on how much your dumpster rental ends up costing you. Again, you should shop around to see which company is offering the best rates for your desired size and weight.

5. Type of Debris

Although there are certain types of things that aren’t accepted in dumpsters, a good deal of things are. Garden trimmings, old furniture, construction waste, and rubble are all usually allowed. However, some of these things may cost more  than others, so it’s always a good idea to speak to your dumpster rental company to find out how much it might cost you.

Dumpster Rental Prices: Find the Best Price Possible

The best way to find the best value for money is to make sure you get multiple quotes from different companies. You should also check to make sure there are no hidden extra costs in the dumpster rental prices you are quoted. If you’ve found this guide helpful, don’t forget to check out the rest of our content.

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