Ear Climbers


You’ve seen them on high-fashion models, on the red carpet, and appearing in fashion stores across the country…Ear climbers, or ear trackers, have taken over the jewelry world as the older sister to the classic stud earring. It’s been over a year since this trend hit the streets, and it’s still going strong; In fact, we expect presence to double in 2015. The ear-climber’s funky and accessible aesthetic is a high-impact modern look with versatility, something you can take from day to night or from office to office.

We love that ear climber earrings allow you to get that rock star look without the need for multiple piercings. The typical ear climber adapts year-round like a hairpin; You can easily pull it on or off to find the perfect fit for your earlobe. If you have multiple ear piercings, you can pair a climber with interesting earrings to change up the look. We’re also big fans of sporting ear climbers and leaving the other ear unadorned; For more complex pieces, an ear climber is more than enough.
This climber is sophisticated while maintaining a streamlined, sophisticated look.
This look is definitely the most interesting. Rather than climbing over the earlobe itself, this piece includes a piercing part that connects to the climber that hugs the outer edge of the ear. This sassy look will turn heads and will definitely elicit a comment or two… If you’re ready to stand out, this set is a must!

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By Nimra Zubair

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