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Ear Pain in Child: Home Remedies

Ear pain is quite common among babies, toddlers and children. It can happen due to many reasons and is usually not due to a severe issue. However, it can be highly irritating, causing your child to become fussy, especially at night. Ear pain in child home remedies can be helpful to overcome this problem. So, if your child has been complaining about ear pain, you must go through the ear pain home remedies given in this article.

Symptoms of Ear Pain in Children

Ear pain in children can be mild to severe and usually has the following symptoms:

  • Ear pain at night or while chewing
  • Pain inside the ear
  • Ear scratching or pulling
  • Redness or swelling on the outer ear
  • Fussiness and crying
  • headache, fever, and nausea

Ear Pain Treatment

According to a study by The American Academy of Pediatrics, it has been found that natural remedies for ear pain may be a better treatment than antibiotics. This is because ear infections frequently resolve on their own, and overuse of antibiotics may result in antibiotic-resistant infections. The home remedies for ear pain listed below can be beneficial, especially for a child ear pain at night.

Ear Pain in Child Home Remedies

It is always recommended to see a doctor when your child has ear pain to determine the underlying cause. However, we have gathered various home remedies that are safe to use for immediate at-home care and might stop an earache fast.

1. Change Sleeping Position

Ever wonder why do children most often complain about ear pain at night? The cause can be a wrong sleeping position that puts pressure on the ear. You can reduce ear pain by changing sides while sleeping. For example, if the pain is in the left ear, it is better to sleep on the right side to avoid putting pressure on the left side. Placing your child’s head on two pillows instead of one while sleeping straight can also help relieve earache.

2. Over-the-counter Medicines

Suppose your child has become extremely fussy and is having trouble going to sleep because of ear pain. Then, you can give them pain-relieving medicines available at home or your nearest pharmacy. The most common pain-relieving medications that don’t require a prescription are ibuprofen or paracetamol for ear pain. You must read the dosage instructions for your child’s age before giving them the medicine. OTC medicines are one of the best ways to stop an earache fast; some OTC ear pain drops are also available.

3. Cold or Hot Compress

The next quick and easy home remedy for ear pain is to apply a hot or cold compress to your child’s ear. You can decide the type of compress, hot or cold, according to your preference. A heating or cooling pad can be used for this purpose, but it must be covered in protective clothing to avoid burning the skin. You may also dip a washcloth in hot or cold water, squeeze it, and apply it to the ear for pain relief.

4. Chewing Gum

Children sometimes get ear pain when they are on an airplane or traveling at high altitudes due to air pressure changes. In this case, if you’re child is above five years, you can give them a piece of chewing gum. It can help lower blood pressure and alleviate ear pain symptoms.

5. Olive oil

Olive oil is a natural home remedy for earaches in children. It has been found that adding 1-2 drops of slightly warmed olive oil in the ear can have a soothing effect. This remedy is safe to use and sometimes even gets rid of earache completely. However, the oil temperature must not be hot and should be checked before adding in the ear, or else it can burn the ear canal.

6. Garlic Oil

Garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and is used in many herbal medicines. Add 2-3 cloves of garlic to olive oil and heat for a few minutes to make garlic oil. Cool this mixture and strain out the garlic cloves. Add some drops of this oil into your child’s ear. This garlic oil remedy for treating ear infections is said to be quite helpful in stopping the pain.

Preventing Ear Pain in Children

The following preventative measures can prevent your child from having ear pain:

  • Getting your child vaccinated against different diseases can also prevent ear infections
  • Do not use cotton swabs or sharp objects to clean your child’s ears
  • Take care of your kid’s hygiene to avoid the risk of infections
  • Ask the doctor if earplugs and special ear drops are necessary for a child who swims frequently

Consulting a Doctor for Ear Pain

Contact your doctor or seek medical attention if your child experiences any of the following symptoms:

  • Ear pain is worsening, persisting, or not being controlled
  • Blood or pus is draining from the ear canal
  • The skin around the ear begins to swell or turns red
  • Your child develops a new or elevated fever

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