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Affiliate marketing allows you to Earn Money Online from Home doing online work and generates money for you forever in 2021.


Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money from work done online and generates money for you forever also offers the freedom to be BOSS of your own

What is Marketing or Selling?

But first, a professional Marketing degree is not required for MARKETING a product.

SELL ME THIS PEN” is a dialogue used in many movies or tasks given in many interviews to check individuals’ understanding and creativity to link customer needs and benefits of the product. Let’s talk in brief about same: If you have to sell a pen you will talk about pen’s feature of having a long life with ink, it has the best ink which doesn’t affect page backward, it is a premium pen so its matches your personality and so on…

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AFFILIATE MARKETING is selling products owned by others. Example: Anyone can sell AMAZON products like mobiles, laptops, or even keyboards by writing blogs on it or creating videos talking about the product.

Seller like amazon or any specific product owner gives link which plays an important role as your blog reader or video viewer goes to buy that product from your link, and it helps AMAZON know that buyer has come to buy from your content.


1. Affiliate Marketing business is you have to create a blog or video once, and the same content can be on the internet or online forever. You have to get more readers or viewers to go through your content and buy the product through your link, which can be done with SEO optimization.

2. You don’t have to worry about manufacturing products, supplying product to customers, developing products according to the need of customers, you can affiliate with all competitors of the same products, etc.,

3. You can promote products which are of your interest, like if you have an interest in technology, then you can create content on technology, or if you like traveling, then the content can be on traveling you can sell tickets to the same place or places to stay or restaurants.

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4. As you get more viewers or readers, your income increases, but you have to create content only once for that product, and also you can create more content if you want more engagement, which would again boost your income

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